Engagement Ring: Budget $10K-ish. Tiffany or not to Tiffany?

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  1. Hi,

    Quick Intro: I'm a guy looking to get an engagement ring for my girlfriend. Need female opinions.

    I've browsed around this forum a little (my gf occasionally lurks here..), and I also saw a few threads mentioning Tiffany but I'd love to hear your opinion.

    If your BF/husband asked YOU where to get the engagement ring, with budget of around $10000 give or take a few thousand, would you want a ring from Tiffany, or somewhere else (which supposedly has similar quality)? I can go about 10k without breaking the bank, but I'm not some rich millionaire where 'money is no objection'. Other way of putting is: what's the best use of 10k for engagement ring that she'll absolutely go crazy for?

    And I can't ask my GF since it's supposed to be a surprise...

    Other comments, general feedback welcome! Personal opinions ("I would like...") most welcome!


    Tony - clueless about engagement ring(other than random google searches)
  2. LOL Hey Tony!

    MY advice is to go to a website like BlueNile.com

    There they have all kinds of diamonds...including ones that are the same quality as a Tiffany's diamond for a lot less.

    I *personally* would prefer a good quality, larger stone from a 'no name' brand then a smaller diamond from Tiffanys, Cartier, etc.

    No matter where you go, she will be THRILLED. Just put lots of thought into the proposal...my SO asked me to marry him on the beach in California and it was soooo special!

    Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!
  3. ^^ I agree, Blue Nile is definitely a great choice to get a bigger diamond (with the same quality if you know what to look for) for your budget. Tiffany's has consistently good quality, but you pay a HUGE mark-up for that. If you can educate yourself a little bit on the 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) you can find a great diamond at Blue Nile. The GIA (gemological institute of america) has a good explanation of this: http://howtobuyadiamond.gia.edu/menu.htm. Hope that helps.
  4. My SO & I are currently looking around for rings & Blue Nile seems like a great choice!
  5. Check out

    This is a great consumer site - such a wealth of information and forums
    used by the public (and jewelers) and guys going through exactly the same thing- do check out their forums.
  6. I concur that Blue Nile is a great place to go. When I was doing research into upgrading my diamond, I went there and definitely found that you can get more for your money there when you look at the quality of diamonds than in brick and mortar stores. The only benefit to the retail stores is access to their repair shops, but there are many independant jewelry shops you could use for any ring sizing, prong repairs etc.
  7. I don't think I would get a ring at Tiffany's personally. While they are GORGEOUS, I think you can get a lot more ring elsewhere. I would try to figure out what kind of diamond (assuming that's what you are getting) you would like - round or fancy? I definitely agree that Pricescope is a great place to go - they should be able to steer you (and also give you really honest opinions) in the right direction. There are several vendors that are constantly recommended there - Whiteflash, GOG, James Allen, Leon Mege, etc.

    Good luck in your search!
  8. I agree 1000%!

    For my engagement ring, I would not matter about the name stamp. Just because it's a "Tiffany's" doesn't mean it's quality is best beyond any other manufacturer. I would definitely look through bluenile and look for something that is flattering for her and her style. I think the clarity and cut is very important in a ring as well as the size (ladies we gotta admit).

    I'm sure if my boyfriend could only afford a certain budget for a ring I would be happier that he's happy that he got me what he feels is a modest size then being a little sad because he feels the ring is too small but spent most of the budget on the name stamp. :smile:

    Good luck on your engagement surprise!
  9. Hmmmmm...I am going to go against the grain with this one...I would not utilize Blue Nile. I have ordered from them and was extremely disappointed with their quality. I would look for high quality jewelers in my area. But, as someone else said, you should educate yourself on the 4 c's before you buy the ring. Best of luck, I am sure you will pick something nice!
  10. pls go to diamondtalk.com. it's such a wonderful forum with great/honest vendors and nonvendors just like you and me.

    Tiffany's diamonds are BEAUTIFUL, but if you do your homework (as i think you should) you can get a lot of bang for your buck--

  11. Maybe Blue Nile for the stone, but the settings there don't are not that great of quality.

    You know...it really depends on your gf. Does she like brand name? Would she be proud to wear a Tiffany's e-ring? If she doesn't care as much, then maybe it's better to spend the 10k and get the biggest diamond you can get. But if she cares at all, the little blue box from Tiffany is more than enough to make up for the smaller size diamond.

    it's crazy, but there is some warm fuzzy feeling when wearing a brand name e-ring even if it's smaller. Not only for the name, but also for knowing that you are wearing something that is nicer in craftsmanship compared to at least 50% of the rings elsewhere.

    No matter where you buy, get educated on the diamond and know what you can get for your money (4C's - cut, clarity, color, carat).
  12. I have a tiffany lucida and I love it. It's a patented cut by Tiffany. Very understated and elegant. But I do agree the mark up is pretty high for all tiffany diamonds.

    But to each of his own, what does your gf like? estate style or solitare? I think you can design something with a jeweler to make it more special?
  13. Not Tiffany. You can get a lot for your money (size and quality) if you shop around. Do a lot of research at your local jewelers. This is one of those things I think you should see before you buy.
  14. Id buy my diamond from goodoldgold.com in a simple setting from either their stock settings or through Mark Morrell (mwmjewelry.com).

    I am not a Tiffany fan after my bad experience with them, but I think their stuff is pretty, though ridiculously overpriced. I think you can get something as or even more gorgeous elsewhere for much better pricing.

    That said if her heart is set on Tiffany, go with them.
  15. yay! i'm so glad how many people say blue nile is the way to go. i'd definately look for my stones from there if i wanted a loose one. You'll save yourself a lot of money (if you need to) for other future plans