Engagement Pics

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  1. Hi Ladies...so I need some advice.

    My fiancé and I are taking our engagement pictures in the next few weeks...we live in Boston, so weather is obviously starting to get cool (but that wouldn't stop me from wearing a dress for a little!)

    So I tried on this DVF dress...and really liked how it looked on me. Its black lace and has a gold studs in the middle which helps define my waist...it def. is a girly girl dress with some edge.

    Do you think this dress is appropriate for engagement pics? I know a lot of girls wear white...but i would never do that and honestly i'm not a jeans girl...

    Should I keep looking for something less edgy?


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  2. I love that dress and feel like it is appropriate for your pictures. Never saw anyone wearing white in their engagement photos. I have always seen a range of colors and or themes. You want to feel comfortable but at the same time express your own style. Best wishes to you. I am from Boston and that is a fabulous place to be taking your pictures. Lots of unique places there.
  3. i think its cute!
  4. I like it a lot!
  5. :tup:
  6. elegant and a lil audrey hepburn
  7. Very nice and chic!! :tup::tup::smile:
  8. Beautiful dress! I have never seen anyone wearing white in engagement photos, normally the ones I see people just have on a really cute dressed up everyday outfit.
  9. love it!
  10. Love it!

    Since the dress has some edge, you might want to keep all other accessories/hair pretty classic to keep so your pictures don't become one of those "OMG MOM HOW COULD YOU WEAR THAT?!" photos.

    We did two shoots: first one, the styling was very French nouveau vague inspired and the second shoot was more American classic. You can see our pictures on our photographer's blog, RyanGladstonePhoto.com. We're Nikki and Justin.
  11. Thank you guys all for reassuring me! I am excited to wear it. So you think open-toe booties like these might be too much?

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  12. I'm a big fan of the dress, not so much of the booties. Try to keep it classic for the pics (you'll be looking at them for years to come)... maybe a pair of studded flats or black pumps?
  13. That is an absolutely beautiful dress!! I would wear it in a heartbeat :smile: I'm sure your pics will look beautiful.

    Have you found a wedding dress/bridesmaids dresses yet?? I hope you make a post when you do..I love looking at people's wedding stuff!
  14. I have my dress...but not BM's dresses yet. Trying to find something that isn't so bridesmaidsy is hard...especially since i have 9 of them! I'm open to suggestions!

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  15. ^ should bridemaid dresses have a train?