Engagement outfit

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  1. I was planning to wear an asos mink/grey coloured dress to my boy's sister's engagement. I showed my sister and she thinks it looks ok minus the bow sash. I showed my boy tonight and he reckons its too pretty and I may outdo his sister (which I dont want to do). Its not as short on me as I'm only 5"

    My other option is to wear this black Betsey Johnson dress which is more simple and plain compared to above.

    His sister is wearing this blue and white dress with the flower at the waist. I gave her the dress as its been sitting in my cupboard for over 12 months with tags still attached.

    My grey dress (or even black dress) is a different style to my future SIL so i was thinking it would be ok but want other opinions.

    Thanks :smile:

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  2. Cute dress, but I don't understand ... is this a party or a dinner or a ceremony or what?
  3. you should wear the grey dress, it's different from the one your future SIL will be wearing, and besides, she'll be the center of attention, so dont feel guilty about looking good. the fact that you gave her the dress only shows your good will...
  4. IMO your bf's opinion probably reflects the opinion his family would have, otherwise I don't think he would speak out against your choice.

    For me I say play it safe and make sure your SIL shines. To me the dress you're wearing is more interesting than the one she's going to wear so I know I'd be more inclined to do a double-take on your dress than hers (it's the frilly shoulder that screams for my attention).

    I don't think you're trying to show up your SIL but maybe there are some people who'd be more critical? Of course, I'm assuming you're going to one of those more formal engagement celebrations (that receive more celebration sometimes that the actual exchange of vowels) and so if you choose to wear this dress I say make sure you don't accessorize like crazy--think neutral shoes.
  5. Thanks for the advice ladies.

    I think the family maybe a little more critical as now that I think about it, I remember his mother saying 'no one else will have a dress similar to that style'. I'll play it safe and go with the black one.
  6. I agree about appeasing the BF... but they are all super cute.
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  8. Good decision. But I am sad for you that you won't be wearing the mink colored dress, it is unbelievably cute!
  9. Love the grey dress but you're definitely going to get a lot of looks in that. That black dress is kind of ostentatious too in my opinion, but less so than the grey dress. Do you have anything more simple?
  10. i seriously love the gray dress, but i also don't think you should out-do her even though you kindly gave her the dress she'd be wearing. the gray dress is so pretty though :heart:
  11. I love the mink dress. I ended up wearing it out tonight for an anniversary dinner with my bf.

    Archipelago, unfortunately not. Either my dresses are very casual (cotton maxi etc), very corporate (suits) or very dressy. I dont really have anything in between. Some are dresses I wear out on the town and wouldnt wear to family type functions.
  12. I must say- i like the dress you gave away the best {{don't shoot!}}
  13. I like the first dress way more, but you want to make sure not to outshine your SIL... oh well black dress it is.