Engagement gift for him?

  1. Hey ladies,

    When you & your man got engaged, did you get him an engagement gift?
    I know most people were probably surprised by their man, but after he proposed, did you get him anything? Is it necessary?
  2. I'm not engage or marry but if he proposes in the near future, I think I will head on to LV and get him a nice gift! :p
  3. hee hee, that would be nice, & it would be something I'd do, but my bf is not into LV for himself...
  4. I just got engaged and we're still looking for my ring! I haven't thought about getting him a gift - is that a custom?
  5. I got him a nice, masculin Titanium ring in return. He loved it!:yes:
  6. he got to marry me!! what more did he need???