Energy! X-ing out the morning coffee

  1. One of my worst weight and health foes is my sugary coffee in the morning and I'm trying to cut it out, but I still need the energy in the morning or something to make up for only getting 3 hrs of sleep some nights. :shame::worried::shame:

    Lately I've been using Yerba Mate ( and it's been helping, but I'd love to know some other coffee alternatives.

    So what gets your motor running? :lol:
  2. I do tea... I get Chai Tea lattes from Starbucks!
  3. I do hazelnut brewed coffee black with Splenda. NO sugar, creamer, or syrups! Just brewed coffee! Cannot live without my cup of coffee in the am!
  4. I gave up coffee for a long time - 4 years! But since I started working regular daytime hours, I need it in the morning :Push: I just cut out the sugar and replaced it with Splenda. I don't use sugar at all anymore, just Splenda. Sometimes instead of creamer, I use skim milk. My favorite is that International Delight fat free vanilla. Used sparingly, it's not too bad for you :amuse:

    I am no help when it comes to cutting out the caffiene in the morning :shame:
  5. I just read -- in this month's issue of Allure -- that coffee actually isn't bad for you. In fact it might even be good for us! It's just all the stuff that we put in it that is bad, lol. I like coffee w/ lots of equal and I also like drinking diet soda -- unfortunately, even though these are light on the calories, they're really not that healthy.

    Probably either black coffee or coffee flavored w/ just a little natural sugar or vanilla is best. Or Megs' idea of tea is probably healthiest of all. I'm always reading about how tea, especially green tea, has antioxidents.
  6. God I drool just thinking about those. :love::love::love::love::love::love: I think I have a Venti Chai latte 4x a week. :shame:
  7. I love tea, but I wish it had more kick. They need to make tea+ or such. I might work to curb to black coffee, but that feeling after drinking it sometimes isn't condusive to staying awake (aka shaky knees and cottony head). :wacko:
  8. A few years ago we got a great espresso machine so every morning we have cappuchino made with 2% milk. I like my own cappuchino better than any I've gotten at Starbucks or restaurants, and I enjoy the process of making it too.
  9. I just do plain brewed coffee with skim milk. Try it, I think you'll find it a refreshing change to heavy, sugary coffee.
  10. Yerba Mate is great. Have you tried Republic of Tea's Mate Latte? It's so wonderful. I've given up coffee too. I noticed that I was sabotaging my calorie intake with the foo-foo creamers or non-dairy creamers, etc... Now to keep myself revving, I drink lots of green and white tea. I find that being hydrated really helps me feeling better.

    Chai Lattes are another wonderful substitution too. I really need to drink more soy milk instead though but I've never tried it. You girls are tempting me so much!!!!
  11. My total favourite! I :love: Chai's!
  12. tea is the best for me! or what helps is some stretching and short strength work outs to burst ur body into wakeup gear !
  13. Mate Latte? Can't wait to try it! Thanks for the heads up BalenciagaLove! :love: I wish Starbucks didn't just have Silk soymilk as their only soy substitute. I can't stand it. Give me Soy Dream any day!
  14. I use the sugar free creamer, I think it's coffeemate. One tablespoon has 25 calories so all in all, not that bad.
  15. Has anyone ever tried tazo Awake tea? I use two bags in a huge mug, steep for two mins. take the bags out (tea bags that is, LOL) add a little creamer and a spoon of maple syrup (organic, grade B, which actually has some minerals and nutrients) and it is heaven in a cup in the mornings....wakes you up but does not get you overwired like coffee can just have to be careful to make the proportion right for you, and to not steep the tea bags too long...for some reason, two bags steeped for a shorter amount of time tastes much better to me than one steeped for longer.

    That's what I do most mornings and every so often (like every four or five days) I brew a cup of kona coffee or espresso. If you space it out that way, it's better for your adrenal glands. Coffee every morn and after a while my nerves are jangling!