Endless Searching Has Led to...

  1. absolutely nothing. :push:
    It's probably because I'm a doofus, but I have searched the forum and cannot find actual modeling shots of a Black Part Time (no matter the hardware). I tried it all...I found lots with the bag just sitting around but ladies...can I see it on your wrist/arm?:confused1:

  2. That's on my wishlist, too :yes:

    Diabro.net has one for $990, I think, which is a very good price, but I just spent.. an equal sum elsewhere :push:
  3. ok, thanks. ill check it out. i thought i had gone through almost every picture on there but my eyes start to get blurry after a couple of hours. i saw diabro's offer. if anyone in my life knew i was even CONTEMPLATING buying a bbag...well, it would get messy lol!
  4. ahh. no i saw that one. im just specifically interested in seeing the black part time modeled. but thanks for trying!