Endless search for Kelly 32 brown box rigide

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  1. Good afternoon ladies in the USA, evening to those in Europe and good morning to you in Asia.

    I really am of the opposite gender so what am I doing on a purse forum?

    Three years ago my girl friend and I ordered a 32 Kelly rigide in box. The color choice was Havane. Last week, for the second time in 3 years we were told it had arrived. We made the 50 mile drive to Hermes. The bag was indeed a 32 rigide but the leather was Veaux Chamonis and the color Chocolate.
    This Chocolate is almost black and the leather almost suede.

    Hopefully you can help us locate a 32 box rigide in a middle brown color. We think Tan is too light if you can have only one Kelly, especially for the more mature set. Does anyone know if Havane is discontinued? I know Noisette is chestnut. Is it still available and how dark is it?

    By the way ladies, you are pretty tough on each other if someone steps out of line!
  2. Welcome, Bagman! How wonderful that you're trying so hard to get your girlfriend something lovely and timeless. Kellys are incredible.Wow, three years?
    I'm not sure about Havane but Noisette is a lovely medium brown with a warm hue. There's also cognac - with a slight tinge of red in it.
    I'd avoid Cocoan (chocolate and Ebene and Marron Force.) These would be too dark for her tastes and are more cool, "bitter" browns.

    She didn't care for Chamonix? That's the closest leather to Box but without the sheen. it ages beautifully.

    As far as locating one, well, that's the lovely struggle we're all having now. The problem is that if someone sees one in one city. Hermes will not ship if you call the store. Good luck on finding that perfect Kelly!
  3. Hello bagman,
    This is what I would do: get her any color now (or when you get the next call). She's waited long enough! For me, any Hermes kelly will be fabulous and I would treasure it just the same. Next, keep your name on the list for the exact one you want. Realistically, it could take several years before you get the one you really want. Good luck! You're a good man.:smile:
  4. Hi Bagman, about a year ago I was at Hermes store & saw a woman buying a 30cm Birkin in Havane box calf, so I don't think Havane is discontinued...probably harder to come by that's all.

    Noisette should be available. It's like a warm hazelnut/chestnut brown. I have a Noisette Bearn wallet & I think it's a beautiful color! :love: Here's a pic. The leather is goat (Chevre Mysore )


    p.s. I think it's really sweet of you to want to get a Kelly for your gf. Good luck! :idea:
  5. Haha - I think this is a GREAT idea!
  6. Thanks Greentea, Gigi and Ivette for your expert feedback. I showed your comments to my gf.

    Ivette - My gf wants to wait to get something closer to her original request. She really prefers the classic look of Box leather. The Hermes store is expecting a Rigide Kelly 32 in Chocolate Box sometime this year.

    Geentea - Thanks for the color info. we will check out Cognac. I am surprised that Chamonix ages well. It seems so fragile.

    Gigi - Your Noisette wallet looks great. That color might work in a Box Rigide.

    Gigi and Greentea you give such knowledgeable feedback to everyone you should get a comission from Hermes!

    Following up on a post of about a week ago, I called Manhatten Hermes if they still had a brown 32 Kelly. The SA said he thought it was a 28. He promised to call later as a client was checking it out. Two hours later he said the manager would put me on the list if I came into town and they could inprint my credit card (2hrs drive). At least they returned my call.

    The hunt goes on. I love Hermes just as much as you ladies!
  7. Sounds promising! Keep us posted - we love happy Hermes stories.
  8. Yes! Keep us posted please! :smile: We love Hermes & we'd love to share your joy of a new Kelly! :amuse:
  9. Bagman, good luck! Sounds very promising. Please report back to us on whatever you decide. I know you'll make the right decision.:smile:
    So glad to hear you love Hermes just as much as we do.:love: