Endless.com Coupon Codes/Sales

  1. I was just browsing for this Hype Jacinto Flap on endless.com and run into their deals info (i just copy and pasted it below). Not too bad I think. Hope someone has fun with it as well as me.

    Customers can take advantage of four different promotions on Endless.com through November 25:

    * Save $20 on $80 orders of select slippers for the whole family including brands such as Acorn, Slippers International, and Dearfoams.
    * Save $25 on $125 orders of select handbag including top brands such as Big Buddha, B. Makowsky, Latico, and others.
    * Save 20% on select boots when you order two pairs including top brands such as Dolce Vita, Jessica Simpson, Timberland, Sorel, and dozens more fashion and outdoor brands.
    * Save $20 on $100 orders of select handbag including top brands such as Big Buddha, B. Makowsky, Latico, and others.

  2. Before purchasing shoes on Endless, go to Amazon and search for the same pair of shoes. I find a lot of times Amazon offers the same shoes for a lot less, almost 1/2 off even though they're affiliated.
  3. i know that but you have to take in account that endless gives free shipping so if you compare you do the best deal from both worlds
  4. i may have mentioned this but i wanted to add some things:

    i just wanted to let everyone know that ENDLESS.COM DOES honor pricematching online, if you find a lower price somewhere they will refund you the difference

    and i can verify they really do 365 day returns! i just returned a handbag (tag attatched, never taken out of the bag) that i got months ago with absolutey no problem and the refund only took 4 days

    and even though they pay for shipping and return shipping, THEY EVEN refunded me for extra shipping costs that i added for insurance and delivery confirmation and tracking!

    i thought that was really nice, :wlae:
  5. Endless is great. I have done price matching with them too and it only took one day to get my money back. But they won't match Amazon's price since they are the same company.
  6. I did a price match with them a few months ago, a super cute elliot lucca cluth that was over $150, found it on lord&taylor.com for $70. They price matched, and free 24-hr shipping! It was awesome.
  7. my latest pricematch was for a botkier morgan that was $650,

    i found it on bloomingdales for $455 PLUS bloomies had 30% off, so i got the bag for $320 in the end

    im in love!
  8. sorry op but this has been posted countless times. please use the search feature before posting.
  9. I really need one!!!! There are boots I desperately want.
  10. I don't know, but search for the boots on amazon. Amazon owns endless, for some reason though, I have found many shoes to be cheaper on Amazon than on Endless. I just scored some Ralph Lauren Amaya pumps (normally $100) that were on sale for $53 on Endless, but I got them for $29 including free super saver shipping on amazon!
  11. Thanks for the Amazon idea...sadly, they are the same exact price there. :crybaby:
  12. Yeah. if something is on sale on Endless, usually amazon has it cheaper. But, if it's regular retail, Amazon would have the same price. Sorry about your boots :p
  13. Does anyone happen to have any kind of discount for endless.com. I am still waiting for something to come along to get the boots that I am dying to get. They are one of the only etailers that hasn't had a really good sale/discount yet.