Endless.com Coupon Codes/Sales

  1. thanks
  2. They don't price match Amazon though, I didn't know till I tried it last week.
  3. Thanks for the tip! :tup:
  4. thanks for the info!! FYI to all they do NOT price match Amazon
  5. thanks for the great tip. will look into them for sure.
  6. Good Deal!
  7. waoh thats an ausome deal. Going to check it out now!

  8. sorry for being such a novice, but what does 110% price match mean and how do i price match at endless (like what do i say when i call them)? Thanks!!
  9. How do you get the $5 that endless gives you. I went to their website but don't see that promo anywhere. Thanks :tup:
  10. endless will not price match amazon's price they will only price match online sites that will have the same size, style and color you are planning to purchase from them. i just talk to a customer service rep.
  11. I'm pretty sure the $5 discount has ended. I remember getting emails from them a while back saying it was a limited time offer.
  12. oh really? i didnt know that the other site had to have your specific size and color available..whata bummer.. totally defeats my whole plan

    thanks for telling me!
  13. are there any other discounts going on perchance? TIA!
  14. Don't know of any coupons, but I do suggest to check Amazon.com and see if the price is lower there. They share the same inventory, and I recently bought an Alexis Hudson bag for a third less on Amazon than on Endless. It was the last one, and just to make sure I went back and saw that the bag I had bought was not on Endless anymore.
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