Endless.com Coupon Codes/Sales

  1. Overnight shipping is negative $5, lots of brands to choose from:

    Endless.com: Handbags
  2. PEOPLEMAG for 20% excludes sales
  3. wow that site it awesom!! i was going to buy a pair of bcbg pumps on sale at the store for $50 but they were there for $25.. but didn't have my size : ( where do you find these sites? they never show up in searches..thanks again, i will def. bookmark this page
  4. Oh MY! I just purchased 6 pair of shoes from this website! They have free overnight shipping!

    I only found out about the site a few moments ago when the ad flashed on top of the screen. Then I went to research the site and realized it's a Beta site started by Amazon!! I am a shoe fanatic and I couldn't believe the great deals I found on some shoes. I even found two great pair of driving shoes for less than 30 dollars that were originally priced at 150 dollars! :yahoo:

    I can't wait to get my shoes and I'm sure to order from them again. There are so many shoes I didn't even look at!....LOL
  5. Thanks for the website! Its great and so easy to use
  6. just moved to the US so I'm sooooo excited about these free shipping and free return sites! thanks for posting!!
  7. You both are so welcome! I forgot to mention that this site also has a special right now where they PAY YOU 5$ to ship overnight! That sounds crazy, yes, but it's true. Just place an order and they will give you 5 dollars off your order---plus there is FREE overnight shipping! Since I ordered late last evening my order will not get here until Monday! You have to order before 7:30pm to have it shipped to you the very next day.
    This site is great and the shoe selection is great. I'm going to do a lot of shopping there I can already see.....lol. Enjoy!
  8. Do you know if they price match like Zappo's does?
  9. I have no idea. However, you can check their site. I'm sure the information is located there;).
  10. 110% price match.
  11. This is a great site! I read about it in the Wall Street Journal a couple of months ago.
  12. Thanks!
  13. wow, great site! thanks!
  14. Thanks!!!

    Just ordered a pair of the Delman bandeau boots and the Arche Lilou booties !! I've always hesitated buying Arche because they are crazy expensive, but how can i not with this great deal! Plus the free overnight and free return shipping is great...wow! :nuts:

    PLUS, they include $5 off your order!:yahoo:
  15. What a wonderful site! I think I'll be going broke now, thanks!