Ending November with a BANG!!!

  1. I purchased these last night from Macy's F&F: :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Black Carly sig. and lurex mini skinny
    Black tatum boots and gold sig. sneakers

    Any suggestions for a matching wallet?
  2. oohhh so delicious.. I love the sneakers!!!
  3. wow! Congrats!!!

    I love all your purchases especially the gold sneakers!!!
  4. awww you lucky girl!!! Thanks for the pics!!!! :drool:
  5. I have a black carly also and I'm thinking about getting a bleecker sig checkbook wallet to match... :yes:

  6. Thx ladies, sred, do you have a reg or large Carly, cuz that wallet seems a bit big. :confused1:
  7. The checkbook wallets aren't that big. If you're worried, get the compact wallet in black sig.


    Or, I know the mini wallet holds all my stuff and it's small:

  8. Hi!

    I have the Medium Signature Carly (black) and use the Hamptons Signature Checkbook Wallet (also black). They look great together and the wallet fits very nicely in the bag.

  9. Wow indeed ! nice stuff, what a haul, enjoy ! I'm going shopping tomorrow with my PCE...
  10. i have the same bag and want the black and gun metal sig strap larger wallet
  11. congrats!
  12. wow, good choices. I also suggest the bleeker leather/sig wallet. I have it and it holds everything.
  13. This is what I'm planning to get this week to match my Carly. It's the Signature Stripe Medium Zip Around Wallet in silver/black/gunmetal

  14. ^^^You know what? Scratch that. How could I forget my Carly has brass? I really like the wallet but since it has silver, maybe I'll go with the mini wallet instead.
  15. :heart:Thank you everyone for the compliments :heart:. I wore my purse tonight with the gold sneakers and I have to say that I love my bag!!!

    Yes, hehe, I want a wallet with brass on the outerpart. Does anyone know if Coach have these wallets available for purchase in all black?