Ending auction early on Ebay?

  1. Hi girls. If this was already asked (as I'm sure it already has been), I apologize. But I'm in a hurry and need to ask it before I run to work.

    I'm selling an item on eBay and the first bidder would like to know if I could end the auction early. I have no problem doing that but am not sure how to go about doing it? I know a few girls on here have done so. I'd appreciate any help you could give me!
  2. Generally I never end my auctions early. Who knows who else might want to bid on your item and might wind up paying more for it?
  3. Well, it's for concert tickets so I really just want the price that I paid, and I've already got that so I'm good with ending early. I don't want more money out of it necessarily, I just want to sell them off. She already bid so I just want to get rid of them. KWIM?

    Is there still a way to go about doing this?
  4. If she is the highest bidder you can at this time just select the end auction listing option from your selling page-should be a drop down. Then select selling to top bidder be sure her bid is the amount you want. You also can cancel her bid or others and then adjust the auction by adding a BIN to the amount of her bid and she can BIN.
  5. Thank you for the tips, girls!!!!