Ending an Auction Early...

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  1. Hi~
    I have an item listed auction style with out a BIN. A potential buyer contacted me and we came to an agreement on a BIN price. I cant add a BIN since the auctions already going, but if I end the auction early will the bid she's place still be valid? Then I could just add the rest of the price into the shipping if she pays via PayPal, right? Please help, I would like to resolve this this evening. Thanks so much!
  2. I've done this a few times, but I end the current auction and create a new auction with the agreed upon BIN price. Then let the buyer know the moment you list it so that she can snap it up. It's too bad that Ebay doesn't have an easier way to do this, but this is the method that I've come up with and so far...it hasn't failed me yet.
  3. hmmm it would certainly cause some problems...she could send ebay a message stating that u were asking for more money than the price stated in the listing....but if her feedback is sound i dont think there would be any problems...

    is it expensive to just create a new listing? sorry im clueless with that
  4. Yep, best way is to end the auction now and list it again with the BIN price of the amount you and the seller agreed upon.
  5. End it and relist. Isn't there an option to do a private auction where only approved buyers can bid? That way if you put the BIN auction up and if she's away from the computer, no one else can get it before her.
  6. I ended up just ending it early and added the difference into the box for seller's discount or added fees. It seemed more appropriate than putting it into the shipping.

    I guess the right way would have been to relist it, but I didnt think of that...duh!:weird:
  7. How do you end an auction early? I cannot find it and I need to do it NOW!!! Please help :smile:
  8. Ohhh just found it! Thank you anyway :smile:
  9. As long as it was still a listing ended early on ebay and she paid with PP, I think you'll be covered -- in case she files a SNAD for example. I hate to sound so suspicious, but some of the things I have read here make me wary of doing anything outside ebay's confines. Be sure and send the invoice through ebay.
  10. If I had bids I would not cancel the listing.
  11. Why can't the potential buyer just bid with the agreed upon price and then the Seller close it down? I've done this before. Why relist? (I am assuming there are no bids on it). If there are bids on it, I wouldn't do anything but wish the potential Buyer good luck. Not fair to the person or people who already bid on the item. I like to play fair. Like I would want to be treated.
  12. Well, it is allowed for sellers to cancel bids on their items within certain time frame (I think either 12 hours or 24 hours before the auction ends) and to end the listing early. Buyers are also allowed to cancel bids as well up until the same time frame. So I believe it's fair for sellers to end the auction early if they found a suitable buyer. Sometimes I can add a BIN option and othertimes I would just end the listing and relist.
  13. Me either. I was very angry at a seller who did this on an auction I had bid on last week. And unfortunately for that seller, she sold it for less than I was willing to pay. She not only lost that extra money, but I will also never bother to bid on any of her items ever again and have made note of her in my unfavored sellers list.
  14. This just happened to me today, and I'm so :cursing:!! And this time, the jokes really on the seller, because not only would I have paid her more than the person she sold it to (I actually know who she sold it to and what they paid :mad:), but based on her reserve and her other recent auctions I'm fairly certain she had no idea how much the bag was actually worth! It was a highly coveted bag from a highly coveted season and she could have easily gotten $600 more for it!!