Ending 2006 Without Your First Kelly

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  1. The year is coming to a close and it is time to start the list of who is still waiting to own their first Kelly.

    What is your story? Share with us.

    Are you looking for the perfect one? Waiting for an oder? Saving up for one?
  2. Me!

    A Kelly bag is my dream bag of all bags. I have wanted one ever since I was a young girl and saw Grace Kelly with this bag. To me it is timeless, classic, and beautiful.

    I just placed my order for my first Kelly today and have at least 6mo. to 1 year to wait for her to arrive. But man, when she does.....well, it's going to be more than just a bag for me....it's going to be finally getting to a new step on the ladder of life of which I have spent many many years on the bottom rung!!
  3. No one could be happier for you tr444, than me!

    I remember when I wanted my Kelly and when I first purchased mine. It is a great time!!! You are going to love it and it will be all that you want it to be.

    2007 looks pretty good for you! Congratulations.
  4. I have been trying to decide between a Kelly or Birkin for my first. It will not be any time soon that I'll be getting one but it is fun to have in mind what I want, so I can think about it, dream about it, etc. I guess you could say I'm saving for one but I just bought an Evelyne, so I'm sort of back to zero on saving! I wouldn't mind a vintage bag if it was the "right one".

    Even though I totally love both, I'm leaning toward a Kelly rather than a Birkin because I like the optional shoulder strap and I think the bag may be a more practical purchase for me.

    I think I have narrowed my choice to the 32 cm or 35 cm and the more slouchy construction. I don't have a leather or color choice yet. I will be in Atlanta and NYC in January, so I hope to visit the H boutiques and see some leathers and colors, and maybe even see an actual Kelly in person!!
  5. Me! :sweatdrop:
    I'm saving up and crossing my fingers that next summer is going to be the summer!

    I think I want a 28cm evergrain or togo...Rouge H, Gold, or one of the browns? I love all of them. ;)
  6. Good Luck Kallie Girl...I really hope you see one in person! I know you will see one in person. Get ready!

    Keep saving Crochetbella...it's hard, but so much more satisfying than just having it handed to you so easily. You will truly appreciate the struggle!
  7. Well, of course I will be joining this list as well. I hope to get my little hands at least one Kelly in 2007! A girl can dream, right!
  8. Me! Me! Me!

    There is no Hermes store where I live so it is really hard to build a relationship with an SA. I usually just pop into H whenever I travel and see what is in store for me.

    2006 was my birkin year :yes: I didn't have the luck of finding her in H but did find her at a great reseller and after all the authentication help from the great ladies on this board, she was all mine.

    I'm really hoping that 2007 will be my Kelly year and this time I hope to find her in H. A 28 sellier (i love my bags stiff) and in either, black, raisin or choco! ****fingers crossed**** DH and I will be doing a lot of travelling next year too so I hope I find her. ;)

    good luck to all you wonderful ladies on the H hunt too!!
  9. Thank you KB!!! :heart: :heart: When I finally get her I will shout YES!!! so loud you all will be able to hear me all over the world! ;) just kidding...sort of! LOL
    Good luck and best wishes to everyone waiting!!!:drinks:
  10. oh i didnt know there was a thread about kelly lol

  11. Forget dreaming! 2007 will be your year...I FEEL IT!
  12. ^ Me, too, JAG!! It's ALL YOU in 2007!!

    Okay, so I've technically ended 2006 without my dream Kelly (32cm black retourne in chevre with whatever HW finds me) but I can't complain 'cause I just got a Birkin a few months ago.
    But I can still dream!
  13. I'm still waiting for one that can be called "mine"... I've used my mom's... but now I really REALLY want a 28 cm lizard kelly in black/gold/cognac *sigh*
  14. Thank you Kellybag and Greentea! I sure hope you are right!!!
  15. Jag, I have a very good feeling that you and alot of the ladies here will have their kelly dreams fulfilled in '07!