Ending 2006 Without Your First Birkin


Mar 9, 2006
Just as in the Kelly thread...who is still waiting for their first birkin?

Share your story.


Mar 9, 2006
I'll start...

You all know that I am STILL waiting, but 2007 looks like a super year ahead for me.

Chocolate or black box...you have not heard the last from me while trying to decide!!! Thank you for all of your help. You know I appreciate it.

Who is joining me on the list???


Make It Work
Nov 4, 2006
You guys are so very encouraging and hearing everyone's stories really helps in the search.

I'm all ready for my first Birkin but I haven't foudn her yet. I'll know her when I see her, so many of you have said to find the one the sings to me so I'll just :whistle: a happy tune and see what :whistle: 's back!

A few trips planned in the next few months;
Me - Shanghai, Beijing, NYC and poss a visit to the Mothership!!
DH - Singapore, HK, LHR and the Mothership too (all without me)
(If my Birkin sings to me will DH know the tune I wonder??)
There's always my local H store too but my expereince so far there is :blah:

I feel like my Birkin is coming, you just never know the hour!!

Hears cheers to '07
:drinkup: :party: :drinkup:


Mar 9, 2006
Handybags we are right there with you!

Have fun in your travels...really exciting!!! Keep us posted.

2007 is the year!!!


Jan 18, 2006
I am right there with you ladies! Hear is to 2007- may all of our birkin dreams come true!


Pay it Forward
Jun 15, 2006
Still waiting and hoping......

I can put in a SO if I want, so will do that for a 30 cm black Chevre although I am now also lusting for a 30 cm black box.....


The Garden of Secret
Mar 26, 2006
well, I had gotten several H bags this yr and I am good on that for now.. because I got a blue denim Kelly, I am thinking that I will change my birkin color to chocolate, 35 cm, in gold hardware...... togo, chevre or clemence would be good....... i am still saving up for it so maybe in 2008....two kellys for now will suffice.... the birkin, that can wait for a while.. i can just get scarves in the meantime......


Rising Star
Feb 26, 2006
the global village
Me. I'm waiting for my birkin and kelly. I am determined to buy at least one each in 2007 and will be making a trip to Paris just for this in Feb 2007. Yes I am. If I find 2 birkins, I'll grab both. If there is a box calf kelly and a croc/swift, I'll grab 2 too.

I never thought I was an Hermes gal. I've gone from LV to Fendi Spies (only spies) to Chanel, and I thought I couldn't live with one style for every single event and occasion in my life. Then I wandered into this forum and changed my mind IRREVOCABLY.

Since then I've done a few things. First of all, I've put aside the money. I want to make sure I have enough spare cash to buy what I want without dipping into my savings or investments. Secondly, I've "taken leave" to go to Paris without DH *hiaks hiaks hiaks* I want to make sure I am with only me and my sweet self when I make these all-important decisions.

And I've done my research. Someone on this forum (you know who you are!! thank you and hugs!) has been helping me VERY MUCH in this, and I've learnt so much especially, how not to compromise and wait for the perfect one. My perfect kelly is a box calf 32cm in dark brown, gold, cognac or rouge H. My second choice kelly is swift/togo/chevre coromandel 32cm in dark brown, gold or rouge H. I will also consider blue jean and orange. My ultimate kelly is a black croc 32cm, and I will aim for one for a 35-year-old birthday present in 4 years' time.

I am dying to buy my birkins!!! I have only seen it twice - one in a consignment shop last year, and one belonging to my colleague. It's practically impossible to buy one in my local Hermes store because the list is closed. The desire-of-my-heart is a dark brown/rouge H/gold in togo or swift or vache liegee. I will consider blue jean too. But I want a classic color for my first birkin.

My dreams for my Hermes bags has done a few things to me too. I've bought less "latte factor" stuff in the last coupla months, like clothes here and there, magazines I read and toss. I borrow books for free, and I use bookmooch.com a lot. I feel more conscious about spending money on trendy things since I want my wardrobe to be classy enough to go with my bags.


Show Me The Orange!
Jun 17, 2006
Europe. Central.
I'll join you.
2007 will be a Birkin year but 2006 was such an amazing Hermes year for me that I am not sad that I don't have a Birkin yet.
I have learned so incredibly much thanks to this board, have acquired countless scarves, a Kelly, an Evelyne, and other Hermes goodies. I can truly say that with the help of you ladies my eye has been refined and that I see a lot clearer about colour/leather choices.
So here's to a wonderful Hermes-filled 2007:party: :drinkup: :wlae:


Well & truly Plumed
Feb 28, 2006
In an Orange box
I'm with you girls still waiting for my Birkin to come along. I have no idea when or where because I don't even think my mind is set on any particular style.

Heck, I tried a fuschia Chevre Kelly and almost got that, there is a Raisin bag I want... But that's OK, I'm fairly content with the ones I already have for the moment and while I would be over the moon with any bag purchase in the next few months, I know it would be unreasonable to do that.


Birkins Hunter
Jun 29, 2006
I will join you ladies... 2006 will end without my first Kelly:love:.. i would love to find a 32cm crocodile kelly but unfortunately no luck yet!:shrugs: hopefully 2007 will be the year of kelly for me :yes:

May all our Hermes dreams come true!!!


Mar 9, 2006
Still waiting and hoping......

I can put in a SO if I want, so will do that for a 30 cm black Chevre although I am now also lusting for a 30 cm black box.....

Rose, I sound just like you! Same loves!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:


never enough shoes
Aug 28, 2006
wherever life takes me
don't give up everyone...I was going to give up the hope of finding my birkin before the end of 2006 and then my birkin came 2 weeks ago.:yahoo:

I didn't believe it when ppl told me it will come but dreams do come true. Just believe.

good luck everyone
Jun 3, 2006
i feel like im looking but not really too die hard and if the right moment comes then i will purchase my birkin..

i travelled for work during the summer but didnt find any at the following stores:

vancouver, sf, dc..

though i am finally on the list at the vancouver store

my cousin found a gold with ph at the toronto store for me but i just feel like i should be the one to buy it directly and not through someone else

i plan to go to paris for my 30th bday on 07. ive never been so i am going to press my luck there=)

07 will definitely be my birkin year...crossing fingers & wish me luck..