ended up not going to Paris for our annie....so DH brought Paris to me!

  1. well..........sorta! LOL! something that was made in France, that is!!!

    some of you may have remembered that i have been craving for 2 croc kelly "bookends" to add to my collection. well, in november of last year DH surprised me with a 28cm black croc GH kelly for our 10th "dating" annie. he had also planned a trip to paris in december for our 5th wedding annie in hopes of me finding my other croc! (i had high hopes!) unfortunately, things came up at the last minute (family coming in earlier than expected for the holidays & we were still getting settled into our new home) so we had to postpone the paris trip till february. i was a bit bummed but oh well.....life goes on. DH had taken 3 weeks off from work (he travels constantly) to be home with me and our dogs and to finish up with the move. oh..... and he was finally able to see for himself what daily life was like living with his crazy mom (AKA "the MIL":cursing:)! LOL!!!!! :hysteric:
  2. Yay!!! I've been waiting to see this reveal! Cannot wait!
  3. anyways, things were pretty hectic one day and DH wanted to get out of the house to get a haircut. i usually go with DH because he prefers i tell the hairstylist exactly how his hair should be done. :yes: however, this time around he was kinda weird about not wanting me to go...."oh it's ok honey, i can go by myself". very odd because he's NEVER wanted to get his hair done without me in the past. i had a hunch something was up and i'm not one for surprises! i sometimes just don't know how to react so i like to know beforehand...yea i know, it's not a surprise anymore DUH! haha i like to know the ending of a movie before i see it, and i always read the end of the book first! and if someone (ahem....moviegirl) tells me that they have a surprise for me, i'll immediately ask "what is it!!???"

    oh, so back to my story....DH told me to stay home and i still insisted on going! (btw, i always win!) on the way to the hairstylist, he confessed that he was gonna stop by H to pick me up a surprise for our 5th wedding annie/sorry we can't go to paris/i know my mom is a pain in the *ss! :yahoo:
  4. so excited to hear what dh got for you. i think you owe us 2 reveals, pbc!!!!
  5. oh yes kim mac, 2 reveals! one at a time though... LOL!
  6. I LOVE PBC reveals... : )
  7. DH also gets nervous about surprising me because he's always afraid i won't like what he picks out! (i usually pick EVERYTHING, for both me and him!) so he then says "ok, do you want to go to H with me then?!" i gave him my "you can't hide anything from me" look and he just laughed! he knows it's soooo true!!!! so we headed out to H.....
  8. YEAH, it's taken long enough!!! I have YET to see, so I'm in suspense too!!!
  9. okay I got my fat pants on lets go! :drinks::drinkup::popcorn::popcorn:
  10. Gaaah, gotta leave the house soon... But I need o see your ne orange boxes first!!
  11. ^^nice, gg!

    pbc, you COULD kill two birds with one stone and do BOTH reveals now hehe.
  12. also be sure to share pics of your new closet too! please!!!
  13. OMG PBC this is exciting!!!
  14. we get to H and were greeted by our SA, who was leaving the company that week. he showed DH a new watch that i thought looked fabulous on him, but in the end DH is not into "jewelry watch" for himself. i was a bit shocked when he bought me my H watch last year, with diamonds too!
  15. please....do not torture us too long