ended auction: this is totally insane

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  1. I AGREE!:wtf: What makes it so rare and expensive?
  2. WTF? :wondering Crazy!
  3. OMG , that's crazy! Do you think that person meant to put 3 digits as opposed to 4 ?
  4. :nuts: .....
  5. Well, for it to have been a "digit error," someone else had to have made the same mistake.
  6. holy ****!! hope this definantely was a mistake, there is no way that anyone should spend that much on a used and old messenger bbag! (well I wouldnt anyhow eek)
  7. I dunno... this is almost exactly like the $15k plus Chanel bowler post today!

    I think someone or a few someones are opening up new ebay accounts and bidding up silly amounts to wreak havoc...
  8. i think the person made a mistake and wasn't able to retract it...and then someone outbid her???? acccckkk:Push:
  9. Wiow! That is amazing.
  10. Ah, that explains it! Some pranksters! Probably some teenagers or something...
  11. I was wondering if that was even authentic when I saw it listed ... is it?
  12. Neither of the high bidders on this one and the Chanel that I posted have any feedback, so I doubt they will pay for the bags. If they do, they were nuts!

  13. Hmm, that can't be legit. 0 FB winner. That other $9500 bid in the middle is weird though.