Endangered species: Bears

  1. Since I am so ecologically minded these days, I have decided to do something for the environment and adopt a bear.

    Here she is.

    As you can see, she's well fed and puffed up, ready to hibernate.

  2. That is sooooooo cute!!
  3. Adorable!
  4. Love the nose!
  5. too cute :p
  6. Haha Perja, love it! What a sweet little bear, congrats!
  7. so cute, I want one!
  8. that is the cutest little thing! congrats.
  9. very very sweet. glad to see one of these on the forum! what type of leather is the body? and the inside, is it unlined?
    too cute!
  10. Aww, he's adorable! :nuts: Congrats!
  11. Perja--Awww!! That is *so adorable* :smile: Congrats. :smile:
  12. :lol: So cute!
  13. It's unlined bearenia... I mean barenia.
  14. waaaa I want a bear, too!
    or a horse!

    sooooooooo cute, perja! you did a good deed for the earth we love.
  15. She is beautiful!