End of Summer ~ Reveal

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  1. :faint: Wow, wow, wow!
  2. all of them are gorgeous Dani congrats!!!!!
  3. O.M.G. :faint::faint::faint: I'm having a heart attack! I want those boots!
  4. I NEED those boots in my life!
  5. Love the reveal and the shoes!!!!!
  6. I really like your reveals _Danielle_ :nuts:
    Congrats for your new pairs of CLs, love the AD that's my favorite style! :P
    Mod pics please...:woohoo:
  7. what a bang of a reveal!..:drool..the python's are amazing...me like! :smile: congrats on the new additions.
  8. Wow!!! Wowww!!! Wowwwww!!!!
    Dani these are stunning!!!!
    Big congrats to you!!!!
  9. Danielle, your reveal made my day!! AGAIN!!:biggrin::cloud9: This is one amazing haul and now we'r shoe twins on ADs!:party:
  10. Wowza! Danielle, I am in awe! Congrats on a great haul! ... and a fun reveal. :smile:

    Will we be seeing modelling pics soon?
  11. Wow Dani, another great reveal! :nuts:

    Love them all, but the boots are my fav! :faint:
  12. Holy Smokes! :faint: jaw has dropped, it may never recover. What a FAB reveal :love:
  13. lovely haul! CONGRATS
  14. drooling. on. keyboard. stunning additions dani! can we get mod pics please??
  15. :P I have a modeling starter .... for the impatient ones ;)