End of NY Fashion Week- Attending a Katherine Kwei Viewing!

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  1. OMG so I totally got invited to NY last minute. I just bought my ticket a few hours ago! I'm going Friday thru Sunday. Long story short, my friend was going to take his GF on a trip but caught her cheating on him on Valentine's weekend so now he has a room at The W on Time Square and he invited me and other friends to join him. I'm kinda broke but I don't have to pay for the hotel and my flight was only $230.

    Now getting to the point: I won the November Giveway on tPF. I wont the Katherine Kwei Donna Satchel. SO I emailed Katherine and asked if it might be possible to get a tour of her studio and she said they were having a showing of a the new collection so she invited me!! I'm so excited! What should I wear? I can't wait!!! I'll take pics and post them! I'm so glad I emailed her!
  2. That's awesome!! I'm glad for you... Have fun and post pictures when you come back!