End Love Affair w/Vernis?

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  1. I have a Sarah wallet in Vernis Amarante and a Cosmetic pouch in Vernis Pomme which I use daily. I absolutely love Vernis SLGs.

    However, I hate having to be careful about color transfer. Careful as I tried to be, I still managed to get a receipt transfer to the bottom of my cosmetic bag. I didn't realize how often I have receipts until I got these Vernis items. I miss just tossing things into my bag w/out worry.

    I'm wondering if I should sell these items while they are still in good condition and buy Black MC or Mono or just use them until they die. Thoughts? Anyone else ditch their love for Vernis?
  2. I love my Vernis pieces! Use my Pomme cosmetic pouch all the time and no color transfer! Even with black MC, it will still chip over time!
  3. Oooh I didn't think about the MC chipping. Thank you.
  4. Awww , sorry that happened. I have a DE and love it! You get that pop of red when you open it and that is enough for me.....it's a good trade off to be carefree. I considered Vernis and MC but knew DE (or Mono) would look brand new years from now.
  5. Personally I think colour transfer is an exaggeration. Unless we're talking about lighter varieties of vernis and denim, I don't think there is any cause for concern. I don't use a purse organizer and throw all my stuff together in my bag, including my Pomme ZCP & keyholder. Initially I was paranoid about getting things imprinted onto my Pomme SLGs, but it's never happened (yet). Just use your vernis pieces and enjoy them! I think it's akin to buying white clothes. You know it's going to get dirty or yellow over time, but you still wear them anyway because it's pretty ;)
  6. My Pomme Sarah is 6 years old abc no color transfer at all! Sorry that happened!!
  7. That is awesome! Maybe if I worry less it won't happen lol. All this trying to be careful hasn't worked out.
  8. I have an obsession with light Vernis colours (blanc corail, vert impression, rose pop), mine are kept in their dust bags in my bag... yes it's an extra step but it would break my heart if my vernis SLGs got marks all over them. I am OCD like that lol.

    In saying that, I would never give up my vernis SLGs, they're so pretty that they're worth the work for me :smile: I think Pomme is quite a hardy vernis colour as is Amarante, use your sarah and cosmetic pouch and enjoy them :biggrin:
  9. LOL. Probably!!
  10. Just fold the receipts in half : printed side onto printed side
    That way no ink comes into contact with your Vernis.
  11. So sorry this happened to you :sad: don't sell the beautiful vernis!!!
  12. I would keep using it! Even the MC items can fade over time.
  13. I read your title and got all up in a bunch!

    I have collected for 10+ years but only introduced to Vernis 8 months ago. In that time I have managed to collect 6 pieces, 2 purses, 3 SLG's and one bracelet! Can't get me enough Vernis...especially in SLG's. I have the Gris Art Deco chapeau, Amarante business card holder and Pomme key pouch that are used almost daily. I can't image not seeing these beauties in my bags. I hope your love affair is rekindled!
  14. if you love them than I would say keep them
    the whole point is having things you care about
    so they might get dirty - you should enjoy them and they are very beautiful
    and special :smile:
  15. I'm sorry you've experienced colour transfer onto your Vernis pieces. I have owned two Vernis clés, one in Pomme and one in Bleu Nuit, for a few years and I haven't had any issues. I always put my receipts in either my wallet or a separate pouch, though. I think I'd be concerned with lighter coloured Vernis leathers but for the likes of Pomme or Amarante, I think you just need to be a little careful with receipts, newspapers, etc. I am not overly careful at all and my items are good as new.