End early & sell to high bidder? yay or nay

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  1. I have a question, I have an item listed at the moment it has 3 days left and has 14 watchers but it has already reached the price that I was hoping it would go for and feel that it is worth. What would you all suggest? I am very tempted to end it now and sell to the high bidder. I'm sure it will go higher but given its age and the fact that its used I almost feel bad selling it for much more. I know I am not forcing people to bid but I almost feel guilty, lol maybe it is a sign I am not cut out for ebay.
  2. I'd let it go as high as it can.
  3. I would leave it listed to the end as well. I'm sure a lot of bidders wait until the last minute and it would be frustrating if the listing was over early.
  4. I would wait as well. Some one else could really want that bag. And it is frustrating when auctions end early!
  5. Definitely wait. The most seasoned bidders wait to bid until the last minute. You'll most likely get more money for it, don't pull it down now!
  6. let the auction run
  7. As long as you have accurately disclosed the condition of the bag, i.e. any wear or damage that might limit its value, I'd certainly let the market decide what it is worth.
  8. Leave it. What you might find high is really dependent on the buyer and what it's worth to the bidder. Good luck!! :smile:
  9. Let it run all the way. I have watched auctions that have ended early and it hurt.
  10. agree as long as you have listed correctly pointing out all faults i would let it run your buyers determine the worth :supacool:
  11. Has the high bidder asked you to end the aucion? I think I have to say no. I think if people are bidding its only fair to let it end and the price will probably go higher...the extra will pay your fees..:yahoo:
  12. let the auction keep going!
  13. It's a really tough decision... I recently had an item that had already gone a lot higher than I expected it to and there were still 9 hours left on the auction. The high bidder had excellent feedback, and I was truly hoping the price would just not go any higher and I could sell to them. In the end, someone with not as great feedback came in at the last minute and won. They eventually paid, but for a while I was wishing I had ended early.

    The price will probably go higher if you wait, but sometimes it's nice to be able to let someone win that you know will pay you and has high feedback. ;)
  14. I'd let it run...last week I had someone want to end an auction for them even though there was another high bidder. She gave me some weird reason and I feel like she wanted to flip the thing and resell it for a higher price.
    Anyway, I said I'd prefer to let it run since I had a lot of watchers...it sat there at $31 for the longest time but then at the last couple of minutes, it ended at $108. So I was really glad I waited.
  15. So long as you have honestly described your item, I'd let it run. The market will dictate what it is worth. GOOD LUCK!