Enchanted print

  1. So does anyone have any opinions about this print. I thought about getting something small like a cosmetic case. It reminds of the illustrations in the beatrix potter books. I guess it takes me back to being a kid.

  2. hmmm... it's an interesting print... like you, i'd probably just pick up a small item.
  3. kinda looks like art you would find in a brit lit book haha.
  4. yeah peter rabbit:yes:... same here, im not too sure how it would look like on a handbag but it'll look nice on a accessory
  5. Yeah, you're right. I keep thinking peter cottontail because of the bunny. I like the small child in the print as well. Kind of classic victorian looking.
  6. Its very sweet.
  7. Haha, I'm the opposite with the children. I really like the hedgehogs, but not the kids on the print. Sort of like how I don't like the big ladies on my tokidoki.
  8. I agree... I never did like victorian style children w/ their chubby rosy cheeks. It made me feel like they're plotting something
  9. once again tpf doesn't let me down :tup:
    the Enchanted print was mention on another post and i just had to look it up (a print called Enchanted got me curious) but on goggle and eBay i found nothing (just a few to small to see pictures bla:push: )

    dose any one have anything in this print that they maybe have pics of? or is there any place to still buy it? the first post here is just from may so im guessing it was from there spring line, not to old *is hopeful*
  10. I was thinking of buying a cosmetic case in that print, they have them at Loehmann's... I think it's really cute.
  11. wow that was fast :p

    Loehmanns? don't suppose they have a website? ill have to goggle it/them,an here i thought i was gonna go to bed lol

    i saw some of you mention peter rabbit, to me it reminds me of the velveteen rabbit (my absolute favorite book, even now) it defiantly has that 'enchanted' feel :love:
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. There is a travel cosmetic on eBay this morning w/two pics. I'm not sure if that is the one you're referring to with the pics being too small? The pics look like a good size on this auction.
  14. I love this print, it is so sweet. Reminds me of 'Wind in the Willows' as well as Beatrix Potter's 'Peter Rabbit' art. Beautiful classic illustration (I guess I'm biased being an illustrator too ;) ).

    I have it in a nice sized tote (with a smaller bag, kinda like a Caramella inside) I picked up at Century 21 in NYC a few months ago. They had a bunch of totes and purses, but people were snatching them up quick. Century 21 and Loehmann's are discount departments stores, they get the end lots of what the first run stores don't sell. They have websites, but you can only purchase in person.

    I located a Japanese site that shows pretty much the full line:

    Here is a pic of my tote:

  15. ebay was the first place i went to look for the print hoping to find something :graucho: i saw the cosmetic case sadly i not a cosmetic-ie type person, the pics i found on goggle images were to small, about the size of our avatars if not smaller

    this print is very cute though, very sorta old English-ie

    Diana- thank you for finding that site, many cute styles :p wish i would have found tokidoki/lesportsac a bit sooner lol