Enamel Bracelets

  1. I love the Hermes enamel bracelets, but had a question for you ladies that have them...for the silver and palladium plated braclets, do they tarnish or chip very easily? I'm the type that will wash my hands with them on, so I wanted to make sure :smile: Thank you!!
  2. Mine is pretty good so far... I've seem some used ones on Ebay and the silver/palla part does get stratched but the enamel seems strong.
    Again I think if you love it go for it - its not a big item so you can have fun and play around with it! (all bracelets will age much faster than any handbag IMO)
  3. ^^Ditto. Palladium does not tarnish so you don't need to worry about that. I see teeny scratches on the palladium part of my bracelet, but other than that it's fine. That being said, I'm pretty careful with my bracelet though and wear it on my left hand b/c I'm right-handed to avoid unnecessary trauma to it.
  4. I wear mine every day (gold) and other than a few tiny scratches it is fine. :yes:
  5. How much do the Collier De Chien cuffs go for retail? I wanted one in black lizard or crocodile, but if that is too much, I'll settle for black stamped leather (lizard is my ideal, though. so sexy!)

    Also, if anyone is willing to part with theirs I will raise my hand as a taker.

    And lastly, off topic, what is the name of this Hermes scarf:

    Its grey with black birds flying. Any ideas?