Enamel Bracelets

  1. How many enamel bracelets do you wear at once?

    I usually wear one or two but was wondering if 3 was overdoing a good thing?
  2. I used to only do one but lately...I am wearing 2 mediums on one arm and on the other a larger one

    and I want another medium so I can wear 3 on one arm!
  3. I should clarify Guccigal - I was talking about medium size; I cannot imagine wearing 3 or even 2 extra wides! But I can see lots of the little ones.
  4. I've seen one medium flanked by 2 narrower ones look fantastic.
  5. i always wear more than one because i love the noise they make. the rest depends on what i'm wearing and my mood. but i've seen a sa at hermes with a lot and it looked terrific.
  6. 2 together is the most I would go. Enamel bracelets can chip so I am quite careful with them. Too many on one wrist increases the risk of chipping.
  7. I do two usually but I think three could look great. Any particular combo of three in mind Sus?
  8. Interesting thought Mrs. Sparkles. I certainly don't want to chip them.

    Handybags ~ No particular pattern in mind. I only have one set of two that match and was thinking whether a third would be useful. And you know how tPF always answers my questions so well.
  9. I usually wear two together. I never thought about the possibility of chipping them--Eeeeks!
  10. Oh yeah - we're really helpful here :rolleyes:

    I'm a bit the same as you, though I have a few enamels there's only 2 that seem to go together at any one time. I need a couple of new ones but I posted recently and no one seems to have seen anything new.

    So I wait.......

    (not very patiently)
  11. I usually just wear one, sometimes two. I think three would look great too!
  12. I wear 3 of the smaller ones together!
  13. Hi Sus

    I don't wear enamel bracelets as I'm a clumsy oaf but I think several look great put together and they are often shown this way on the models in the Hermes Le Monde.


  14. Love, LOVE enamel bracelets! I have three of the small ones and I wear them all the dang time! LOVE 'em! If you're thinking of medium sized ones, I'd wear two of those or one of 'em with two smaller ones. For the large, I could see wearing a small one with it.

    Either way, have fun! Wear lots! They are delish!
  15. Does anyone have any pics of how you wear your bracelets?