enamel bracelets

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  1. hi there,
    Can enamel bracelets be spa'd as well? that is, if the enamel has chipped away or the gold/palladium coating has tarnished or scratched heavily, can they be re-coated? Or is it time to just buy new ones ? :smile:
  2. I heard there's nothing much to do done. Hope the experts can help you.
  3. I just sent one to have the gold ring put back on....the other was quite scratched. I will try to post when it gets home.....I cannot imagine they would replace the ring without a little polish job.....
  4. My enamel bracelet has been sent to paris for repair, it's still in transit. A small part of the enamel has chipped off. I don't know if there's any charges, nothing was mentioned by my sa. Hope this helps!
  5. thanks for replying ladies. I was just wondering about shelf life etc.....i guess i kinda assumed (rightly or wrongly) that you can polish/clean up gold and silver, why not enamel, palladium or gold-plated....