Enamel Bracelet Repair Update

  1. I cannot find the original thread where this was asked...but I do remember that I promised to give an update...

    One of the gold edge pieces on one of my older enamel bracelets came off a few months ago....:wtf:

    I brought it into Hermes, and they sent it straight off to paris for repair. That was about 4 months ago, actually. I just got it back, and the repair was successful :yahoo:.

    In addition, they polished both edges, so the bracelet is in better condition than it was when I sent it in for repair.

    The cost???


  2. Thanks for the update, CobaltBlu. That's great news for so many of us. :yahoo:
  3. That is great news CB. I am glad to hear that they were able to restore it. Enjoy wearing it again.
  4. Oh lovely! Thanks for letting us know. Do you have before and after pictures?
  5. gosh, I dont have before pics....but I will take an after....
  6. Great news CB. I have been careful with mine lately since I found out not to get them wet. Prior to that I wasn't as cautious around water. Hopefully I won't need one repaired but good to know they can :tup:
  7. What happened, Handybags?
  8. Wonderful news - :heart: enamel bracelets!
  9. :yahoo: Great news!
  10. CB, that's fantastic news; it's great to know that it can be repaired!
  11. Yet one more reason we :heart: Hermes so much! They don't shut the door behind us after the credit card clears! Craftspeople and Cost 0.00$ KWIM
  12. My enamel was chipped and was repaired for free too. The whole orange part was replaced. Time - 3 months.
  13. Can Be 100x+++++/A Day, I Fall More In:heart: (If That's Possible) With Hermes

    ***CB That Is Fantastic News!!!!
  14. 4 months i a long time but $0.00 is superb. Good it all worked out
  15. Well (touch wood) nothing has happened so far MrsS but some ladies here have been warned by their SAs that the glue on the gold or pall edging cannot take any moisture, salt water being particularly bad. I didn't know and was less than careful washing my hands and even wearing an enamel while bathing the children :shocked:

    I have never submersed one but I didn't exactly keep them dry. So at least I know if the edges come loose they can be fixed :sweatdrop: