Enamel Bracelet Question - How do you wear yours?

  1. Okay this may sound silly - but do you wear your bangle with the design on your hand facing YOU or facing others?? Just curious....I've been wearing mine with it facing me...but if someone were to stand across from me and look it would be upside down...is that weird??:upsidedown:
  2. No, not really.
    It really depends on you!
    SInce its still brand new, I have the pink alphabet and I wear it facing me after all I will be looking at it all day.:love: In a couple of months I probably will change it so its facing outward.
    I wear my clic clac towards me cause that's how I put it on in the morning.
  3. Oh, I never thought of that! The design on mine doesn't have a right side up. I guess I'd wear it with the design facing me. :yes:
  4. I don't want to look at upside down horses lol!!!
  5. I wear mine the same way--facing me!:flowers:
  6. Mine doesn't have a "way up" but I guess I would wear it facing me!
  7. I guess I'm the odd ball. I always wear my bracelets facing others.
  8. either - I just shove them on my arm! By the way, saw a pic of Gwen Stefani yeaterday with around 8 Hermes bracelets on her arm! Thick and thin....it actually looked quite good!
  9. OOoh! GF where did you see that pic? I like the way they look together but haven't tried it as I have one w/gold and one w/silver...

    here's a pic of my new one from the website (although I purchased by phone from NM Troy getting double points lol!)...too lazy for my own pic today...and was pleasantly surprised yesterday when Fed Ex delivered on Sat. at no extra charge!!:yahoo:

  10. hmmm, I'll try and find it.........
  11. thats a beautiful bracelet on your arm :smile: I love the pink!