Enamel bracelet qn

  1. I'm starting to develop a fondness for H bracelets lately and just got the narrow black/palladium caleche one. I noticed that it comes with the "Made in Austria" stamp, followed by a "+(letter)". Mine happens to be J. So, do all enamel bracelets come with this "+letter"? And does the letter signify the year it's made, just like bags, or is there no correlation?
  2. Sue, just checked mine (width is regular) which was purchased earlier this year and it also has that +J. Good eye! Intuitively speaking it seems that it would correlate to the year. Hopefully we'll get a definitive answer.
  3. Thanks, orchids!:flowers:
  4. You're exactly right, Sue...the letter corresponds with the year of release, same as the leathergoods: (The Alphabet one I just bough was not old stock as I suspected, but must have been reissued this year, as it is marked 'J')...embarassingly, I have a lot of 'C''s.....obviously a good bracelet-buying year!

  5. That's very helpful! Thanks, K! Your Alphabet one is cute! I'm quite taken by the red version on the website. Hey, does Syd have a decent variety of enamel bracelets? Melb is a bit dismal atm. Actually, Melb doesn't even have the Kelly double tour bracelets either.. sigh..
  6. Funnily enough they do! Usualy there are a dismal display of a few bracelets, but at the mement they have a fair amount - PLENTY of the "HERMES" pattern in the red, black, grey and white (you know the ones?) and they have my Alphabet one in Pale Blue, but with gold, and I collect them in Palladium. The also have a fair few of your Caleche, in different colours. Mind you, I haven't been in for a week and a half...they sell fast, because they are well-priced.
    Going in on Thursday or Friday...I can update you if you haven't called our little friend by then!!
  7. HA! That's funny you mention the Kelly Double-tour...I asked Ant to get me one AGES ago in white/pall, and haven't heard back...may have to jab him in the ribs on Thursday and get an answer!
  8. Lol!!! I'm abstaining from calling that friend of ours! Trying to be a good girl until I go back to the Melb store later this month. It's actually good there's precious little there in terms of bracelets there. I can see myself go crazy trying everything on and bruising my giant knuckles!!! But oh yes, if you do go in Thurs/Fri, lemme know what they have left;) Hey, these I can get my SA to send down, can't I, so I can pick them up later in Oct directly from my store? I think they can't send down leather stuffs due to a "quota" policy.
  9. :roflmfao: I think the rib-jabbing will jolt him into action.:graucho: Argh.. do u know when new stock will be arriving for Christmas? I'm still waiting to see new Bearns (they did get some more smooth leather ones in recently), bracelets, and scarves. Ooh, could u pls check to see if Syd has any Kelly double tour bracelets in red, orange, black or BJ? Lol! Yeah any bloody colour (cept white coz I'm a grot!). What leather does these come in, btw?
  10. The ones I have seen seem to be Epsom...so I'll be OK with white!! LOL!!

    New stock, well, I think some arrived recently, but not much - I recieved no calls, so it couldn't have been that good a haul! Usually in November - I'll give you a heads up, they usually give me a call as they receive the stock.
    What h/w for the double-tour? I love pall, but I seem to recall they only have gold last time...

    BTW, New Harpers has a two page story on the Syd Opening evening....and a vert anis Birkin 30 inside, too. (actually, could be the chartreuse I saw whe I was in there)...
  11. Oh I must buy Harpers! Thanks for the heads up! Is it the Oct or Nov issue?

    Wrt the Kelly double tour.. I'm not really sure.. I think if it's black or red then either gold or pall would be fine. But if it's orange or BJ, then pall h/w.

    K, do our stores get bags like Kellys and Birkins in periodically as well, in the same fashion as any other small leather items and scarves, etc? Coz I was under the impression that all the bags that were ordered for the store came all at once once/twice a year.
  12. Mah, they get them in dribs and drabs all the time, as far as I know (well, it seems to be that way)....oh, it's the November issue...you can't miss it, GOLD with Victoria Beckham on the cover!!
  13. OK, was just on the phone to one of the girls....they DO get two drops a year of ordered bags, but sometimes they receive "surprise" bags in the in-between shipments.....
  14. OH thanks K! "Surprise" bags.. I like the sounds of that.:graucho:

    I'll pick up a copy of Harpers with VB.. start my misc "Hermes in print" collection.:roflmfao:
  15. He, he...yes, Iknew I had a problem when I could just pull out a picture from Vogue of the Evelyn I was considering....I file Hermes better than my bank statements!!