Enabling Words..

  1. We all know the Coach SA's are professional enablers, but has there ever been a phrase or a line that has drawn you into spending more than you should?

    My favorites from this week are:

    "No designer that I have seen has this color out right now." ~speaking of the clay

    "You would be the first to purchase the Miranda bag from our store!"

    "I would be so jealous if you bought that bag! I've had my eye on it since it came in."
  2. I've heard--
    "This one is selling fast and probably won't be around much longer"
    "We're one of the only stores to get this bag and we only have 2!" (when I bought my Whiskey satchel last year)

    like I need to be enabled...
  3. When I worked at Coach I always would say "You can always buy it and take it back, but you might not find it again the next time you come in," because it was the total truth. Now I use that to justify my own all-too-frequent purchases!
  4. I think my favorite line from a customer this past week was "I just need to stop talking about it and buy them both".
  5. YEAH, whenever they tell me that they won't be around much longer it always makes be do a double take.