Enabler's is all you are!

  1. Enablers is all I can say!!

    I've only been on the coach forum for about 2 weeks if that. The damage that I have done is out of this world. Until now I have been on and off the fence about coach, not really liking or disliking it. In the last 5 yrs since getting into designer bags I've had a few coach items.
    I had a leather draw string handbag.. didn't really fancy it so I sold it. Years later getting in LV I bought the petite noe (same style really) didn't care for it and sold it. Duh you would think I'd would have known.... anyway

    I also had mini skinny and loved it. I used it as a small wallet until I really got into Lv and then give it to my girlfriend. .
    [​IMG] I also had a small pouch that I thought was cute only to find out later I had no real use for it and sold it [​IMG] I also had a basket bag, not sure what you call it but it was cute, but when it arrived I thought I can't use this.. its more like a picnic basket.[​IMG]
    I also have a green flip flop and I still have an its attached to a bag zipper

    Years later after joining tPF my eye started to wonder again... Earlier this year I purchased this cute Signature Stripe Punch cosmetic case
    [​IMG] then of course I moved myself into the coach sub forum, that has just been mehem

    stay tuned for page two......
  2. Bad influences here that is all I can say... I'm not going to name names you know who you are...ranskimmieSo I now have this scribble bag to add to my collection.
    If that wasn't enough I decided to add a sunglass case for my eye glasses ( I don't own coach sunnies yet) [​IMG]
    then what you say....Well I'm going to blame you know who again (ranskimmie), She had the hottest wallet. I had been looking on the coach website and thought I'd go for it plum.. not looking for anything plain right now. So off I go searching and with her help I bought this .... [​IMG]
    So you think it would stop there.. LMAO really I am. Its a good thing a few of my lv items sold on eBay.. because I'm blinded by coach now. So check out my other items.
    Treo/pda case
    Watermelon charm
    Coach brass heart charm
    Signature gallery tote,
    Still looking for one in dark chocolate brown (model 10384)so if you see one on eBay please let me know... thanks
  3. Passport case and toucan charm
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Credit card case...
    Can you see I want a colorful bag... LOL

    The end,... I will post all my pic's when stuff arrives, I expect it will take time with Xmas and all.
  4. OMG this is one of the cutest threads yet. I love how you made it a little story:yes: You have got some of the cutest things in your new collection girl! Not only do we have alot of the same bags, but we have the same sig. stripe beauty case,& toucan key fob. You need to do your self a favor and STAY AWAY from that ranskimmie PITA....she is nothing but T-R-O-U-B-L-E-!!!
    lUVS YA GIRL!!:heart::love::heart:
  5. But it's so much fun.
  6. She is trouble.... But I like trouble so its ok :smile: :yahoo:
  7. I agree!!!
  8. haha i totally agree. After coming here I went crazy on Coach. I'm always on e-bay watching what kind of Coach goodies i can find.
  9. Heya girly may I tempt ya with[​IMG] this?
    :graucho:Just click on the pic.!:woohoo:
  10. Simply trouble...

    I have even given s/o my coach wish list and of course he was like this ..
    :nuts: ...He was at work of course when he opened the email. One of his co workers told him to just go to eBay and get a fake..:cursing:. He laughed and said that would be the most stupid thing I could do because she'd know right away it was fake.:shame:
    The then proceeded to tell this guy my handbag collection was worth more then his car.. the guy was like this :wtf:

  11. This is the best kind of trouble! I love the Coach forum!
  12. See that ranskimmie is trouble! But it isnt the nice dark chocolate... :confused1:
  13. Not to worry, its just the flash. When I took a pic. of mine it did the same thing.:yes:
  14. hahahaha lmao:tup:
  15. But it says khaki