Enablers, ahoy!


What should Sarah do with her extra $$$$?

  1. Save the money.

  2. Double up your car payment next month. DUH.

  3. Buy a black leather Carly.

  4. Buy a magenta Mia.

  5. Buy a black signature/leather Legacy shoulder bag.

  6. Buy a chocolate shoulder bag.

  7. Buy a different bag.

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  1. Alright, so my ex cut me a check for about $300, his part of the rent before he moved out. I feel like a little shopping trip would make me feel better, though he'd kick my butt if he ever found out I spent his money on something besides bills.

    So I'm left with a couple of choices. Do I....

    A) do the responsible thing and save the money or double up my car payment next month (I have no credit cards and all my bills are already paid this month)

    B) Buy a black leather Carly, a chocolate signature shoulder bag, the black signature legacy shoulder bag that's been sitting at my store forever, or a Mia Satchel? :drool:

    I don't own any leather Coach bags (except an older red leather small hobo; I sold my pink suede bag) and my price range is no more than $500 in terms of buying one. If any of you have any suggestions on what you'd recommend for a great leather Coach bag let me know (My store has kind of a limited selection because we're a smaller, newer store. For instance, we have almost no Legacy). I'd settle for non-leather if it was different from my bags, because I LOVE the coach signature. All I have is signature stripe stuff-- 4 siggie stripe bags!

    What do you think, ladies?
  2. ^First, it's none of your ex's business what you spend that money on! He owed you that money and so it's up to you how you want to spend it.

    So, with that being said, I say BUY A BAG! Seriously, I would get some kind of sick pleasure out of buying a great purse with that money. :p
  3. If you can afford to buy a bag and can manage the bills and rent without his check, then I would buy a bag. If it is going to be a stretch and you cannot afford to pay everything next month without it, I would save it.
  4. Girl, you do whatever you want with that money!:yes:

    But, I did vote on buying a chocolate shoulder bag, maybe the large chocolate Carly?:graucho:
  5. I agree that it's not his business what you do with that money. I say buy a geranium satchel during PCE! LOL!
  6. WOW - what a dilemma - If it were me... (and trust me I DO have bills) I would buy a new bag! LOL

    Somehow those bills are always there and they always get paid - that said... there is nothing like a new bag to make you feel good!!!!!

    hmm... perhaps this is my "crying out for help" message for my addiction... :blink:
  7. I agree....none of his business. He owed you. If you can afford all the bills without the money then I would buy a bag.....a chocolate bag :yahoo:I actually waited a year before I bought my post ex bag (which was my first Coach purchase) and wish I would have done it right away. For some reason I still thought I had no right to, boy was I wrong.
  8. If you buy a bag with the money you got from him, will carrying the bag remind you of him everytime you do it? It probably would with me, so I wouldn't want to do it. Just checking on that.

    I agree, if you can afford to pay all of your bills next month without any problems then I don't see any harm in buying the bag.
  9. do what you want with the money and don't worry about him anymore

    if you don't need the money for bills or debt, buy yourself a present, you've had a tough week!
  10. Well, imo--if you got a bag with his money and he didnt know about it, i would kinda chuckle to myself about it--cuz he's being suckered! But everyone here is right, he owes you that money so whatever you do with it is up to you! Enjoy a new bag!
  11. Buy a bag!! Buy a bag!! :yes:
  12. Pay your bills first and then buy a nice leather bag. It will be a classic addition to your collection. Anything from the Legacy line would be a good choice. The black leather Carly would also be a great choice. Treat yourself - you deserve it!
  13. Oh, yeah, I'd have to agree with this. If you would have a hard time carrying the bag because it came from money from him then I wouldn't do it. I'd pay off bills and treat yourself later. Then it's a reward to yourself and you'll feel happier with your purchase. But if it won't matter either way to you, then have fun and buy something you want! Let us know what you do!
  14. i'd add the money in with my funds and buy a bag, it would seem as if you treated yourself and the rest went to something else... haha it's your money now anyway... treat yourself!
  15. I voted you buy the bag, and I also voted you get the magenta Mia because I think the color will be a fun, ex is out of my life, cheer-you-up sort of color.

    I'm not a very good influence, am I? :shrugs: