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  1. Okay guys...I just had a situation. After dinner tonight, I asked my husband if we could go look in Dillards and see if they had any new clearance. He put up a bit of a fight, but relented. (I AM on a ban, ya know).

    So we go inside, and the clearance shelves are bare...they had not restocked yet. So while I am talking to my fav SA and showing him the Croc Audrey (which they did not get) my hubby starts looking around. After I get done talking to the SA, I go back to him...and he says this:

    "Do you have any accessories for the Acorn Sabrina yet?"

    The acorn I bought last week on clearance before I went on ban. I told him no...I was not sure whether to keep it or not.

    So we continue walking around...my SA says maybe the Alexandras are going to clearance next. I am not interested...so, like I do EVERY time I go to this Dillards, flock over to that dang gunmetal Mia Carryall. I ask my SA if this would be included (I figured maybe since they are at outlet now, so I have heard).

    He says no, and then checks the back. I drift off into dreamland thinking about this bag, and my husband walks up and starts feeling the bag up, looking at the interior, etc.

    SA comes back and says that carryall is the only one they have.

    SO, my husband says, "Are you going to get it?"

    My mouth drops open. This man, I swear, I love him to death. But HE is the one who put me on ban, and now he is dangling this carryall I drool over like a carrot!
    I tell him no, sticking to my ban. We leave without purchasing anything.
    The point is, I had TWO shots at buying something (AKA getting my "fix"), and I didn't. I stuck to my ban. My husband is an enabler! LOL!
    But now...the little devil on my shoulder is indulging me and yelling at me to go get it before someone else does. :sad:

    Has this ever happened to you while you were on ban? How did you cope? I would love your opinions, because this is my first ban, really. Thanks in advance!
  2. Do you think he's testing your resolve?
  3. I can tell you right now my husband would NEVER do that. lol He will drive me there and pay for what I want (usually after I have to sweet talk, him or beg.) lol

    But you stuck to your ban so good for you! That must have been REALLY hard!
  4. I think I saw you there! was it around 6:30ish maybe a little earlier than that! I was at Dillards and I saw someone (maybe you??) loooking at the Coach section with a husband (or bf) and they were carrying a what looked like a purple audrey and I thought about you! I was doing a quick walk-by on my way home to see if they had anything new :smile:

    On to your problem: If it was me...I would stick to the ban....might be something you really want later and then you have that advantage by not buying the carryall.......and using that towards a later purchase. Well thats how I justify my ban...may not work on everyone :smile: GOOD LUCK....let us know what you decide :biggrin:
  5. If my bf ever said that to me, I'd jump on the offer, LOL. My bf would never buy me a bag, he would never enable me. Your lucky your man enables you! LOL :biggrin: I think its fun when bf's or spouses know how it is to have a purse addiction! LOL
  6. Yes, it was me! LOL! It was a let down that they did not have anything new...

    I do not think he was testing me...He would not have been looking around and asking about stuff if he wasn't.
    Nevertheless...I would rather keep my search going for the Anthracite Audrey. I have a feeling that if I got that carryall, the Audrey would pop up. And I HAVE to have that Audrey someday...I dream about it! I def want it more than the carryall.
    I think that is the only bag worth breaking my ban for...and I would do it in a heartbeat.

    Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck! LOL!

  7. Good luck!!! I bet you will get that carryall in the future as well at an even better price!!!! Keep on that ban!!!

    I was disappointed they didnt have anything new either!!! I was hoping to see the crimson sophia....but it was all the stuff they have had for awhile :sad:
  8. You know what? My husband does that to me as well and when I cave in, he would tease me all about it on the way home. LOL.... I say good for you to stick with the ban. Save it for the next collection. There's always something better that comes our way. :biggrin:
  9. Just ask the SA if he will pull you one from the back to look at. They have them, they just have not put them out yet. He has shown me the black gathered, crimson patent, and crimson dotted.
  10. ^^^Really!!! I am surprised he hasnt pulled them out....Belk's had the camel patent and the black gathered out last week, but of course now its just the dotted crimson and camel and the small camel patent...Good to know!! Thank you!!!!

    I will keep an eye out for the Audrey and the carryall for you ;) pretty soon we will have a new outlet to attack!!
  11. #11 Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
    What? An outlet...here?

    ETA: I called Belk...I will be checking it out tomorrow. LOL!
  12. PickyCoachLover why are you restricting yourself from buying any coach items? sorry if you already made a post about it. if you dont mind my asking. and for how long will you have to torture yourself? lol
  13. Because I have almost 50 bags. That is why! LOL!

    My ban is until Christmas...I am trying to cut down my collection before then to make way for the new flood. :graucho:
  14. I wish it was here.....but the new outlet is the one in Mebane - opens Nov 5th! Hoping they send some gooood Coach stuff that way!!! Keep our fingers crossed :yahoo: ...we will have 3 outlets within 1hr drive....though the Blowing Rock one is not much to talk about.
  15. Your hubby called a bag by it's real name and color??? I'm am shocked and in awe. Enabler, smabler, what you got is golden!