Enabler Wanted . . . Please post photo of a Chartreuse Bolide

  1. I'd like a visual aide to tuck under my pillow while I dream of a Chartreuse Bolide, so if you've got a photo of this bag please post it here. I have Clemence in mind, but any leather would be fine. Oh, and while I'm at it, I may as well ask for photos of a Vert Anis (again, any leather) Bolide, too.
  2. Let me go see if I can find a photo for you from other threads! BRB!
  3. ooooh, that would be wonderful JAG.
  4. Voila! (courtesy of Baggaholic)
  5. Oh my goodness, JAG, it's even more beautiful than I'd imagined it'd be. Wow, wow, wow! How sweet of you to find this photo for me.

    I read a little bit of the linked thread and see that it's a 31cm. I saw a 31cm Rouge Garrance Clemence and it seemed a bit small since it's slouchy. I've got the 37cm on my "oh please find it, dear SA wish list."
  6. The Rouge Garanche is Bagg's 30cm Birkin. Her bolide is definitely a 31cm. But from what I have noticed with Bolides, you really need to just try them on for size. I love the 31- and if I ever bought a bolide, it would be that size, and in clemence, would be TDF!
  7. Do you want slouchy or rigid, Millstream? Or does it matter?
  8. I think 31 rigid or 37 slouchy. Let's see which comes along first.
  9. I love that Bolide!
  10. goreous....I'm craving a bolide:rolleyes: :kiss: :search:
  11. I just love the green color! I hope you find one soon.
  12. what color is grands fronds chevre bolide? is that one vert anis?

  13. yeah, HH - that one is pretty too!