enable/or talk me out of it

  1. I think i have finally decided on the new Denim zippy wallet! please enable me or talk me out of it.
  2. Go for it, you know you like it :graucho: :graucho:
  3. I have to say GET IT! =) I have it and absolutely love it. Although I must admit that I'm a zippy-a-holic, I have 2 vernis (framboise and pomme) and now the denim one. Hoping they come out with an amarante (sp?)....of course I would have to add it to my "collection"! ;P

    Let us know what you decide!
  4. Oh yeah, the denim would be nice for you because it's not Damier or Mono but it's not particularly feminine either. Good choice! I am sure you will love it!
  5. Get it!!!! It's so cute!!!!
  6. I think it's really cute, you should get it. :yes:
  7. I think it's really cute so I'm going to be an enabler here! Get it! :yes:
  8. Get ittttt! I love LV Denim!
  9. i'd say go for it! it's very cute and functional
  10. Normally I'm not a huge denim fan, but I think a denim zippy would be really cute!
  11. You have to go for it. The denim line is SO CUTE! I love the feel of the Denim and the way it fades. GO FOR IT!
  12. ok im going to be honest and i wouldnt get a denim wallet. I baby my neo speedy around sooo bad its getting on my nerves tbh! I just think that regular canvas or vernis would hold up better, and for the money you are paying i would want a purse to last for ever! And I just cant see the denim holding up that well! xx (sorry!)
  13. i just need to decide once and for all between denim and pomme
  14. that color is so 1980 and trashy.
  15. I have the mono zippy and love it. So I would say go for it.