Enable or disable me PLEASE!!!!!

  1. OK so here is the deal...first of all HI!!! I havnt really posted over here so i thought i would introduce my self quickly,...im a 24 year old law student (yuck i know) AND i may have found a bag that i could use daily!!


    Ok so it is brand new from a local boutique (not chanel, but Gordon Stuart - an authorized dealer)...it is the beige leather quilted square tote (sorry i really dont know the names!)

    originally 1530ish...HALF OFF...!!!

    Good deal? still in style? perfect/ehhh i can do better

    WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK!!! oh i just put it on hold, and told her if i want it ill pick it up in TWO HOURS! help help HELPPPP me make my mind up!!

  2. Sounds like a GST....great buy, go get it!!
  3. 50% off? are you kidding me? id run there and grab it!
  4. thanks last purse!!

    is it still in style guys??? its really really cute but i dont want to buy a bag just because it's half off and then have people be like "omg that is SO last season" lol! you know what i mean???
  5. wait and i just looked at the gst...its hot but i dont remember if the one i put on hold had the chain straps....but other than that it looks EXCATLY the same!!! is there another style of it or something??
  6. ^If it's a GST, I wouldn't worry about it going out of style!
  7. so get it for sure??? hehe sorry its my first chanel, im usssssally a gucci/lv whore lol! but ok let me describe it better:

    It is beige leather
    Big cc on front in leather
    quilted pattern
    inside looks like this: has two sections and dividing the sections is a zippered compartment

    the only thing im not sure about is the HANDLES! i dont remember them being the chain :sad: is that bad???? (sorry i sound like a sick needy child lol!) but im crazy excited, and freaked out at the same time lol!!!

    THANKS SO MUCH for the replies guys :smile:
  8. Sounds like a great deal to me (and from your description, it does sound like the GST)! :nuts: It's not going out of style anytime soon (or ever!), because it's part of the timeless classic ligne and definitely isn't a trendy Chanel by any means. :tup: Hell, 50% off of $1530 is highway robbery haha... you can't even buy a timeless clutch for that amount! :nuts: :heart: Go for it! :tup:
  9. It'd be rare for a Chanel to ever really go out of style. Most people you see will just be amazed that you have one.
  10. yeah 50% off is a steal for any chanel. for what its worth, if you buy it and regret later, you can sell it on eBay?
  11. omg omg omg u guys are making me excited!!! thanks so much!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    so you guys have seen it with the leather handles right?? and it's still cute?
  12. Get it! Post pics when you get home!
  13. oh and btw if anyone wants the big i guess its like the trash bag tote (shiny patent leather) or a bubble quilt bag or a epic bag (its like patch work with all of the classic patches like the cc, no 5 and wool pieces etc) they are all 50% OFF!

    anyone interested in that stuff?? i can get the info for u guys when i go back! :smile:
  14. The trash bag tote :roflmfao: Yep, that sounds like the vinyl Coco Cabas!

    Awesome deal on the GST, run and get it!
  15. Oooo... my friend has been looking for a vinyl cabas! -Further info would be greatly appreciated!

    And, GO FOR THE GST! It's NOT going out of style... and what a deal! -Post pics, we're always eager to see!