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  1. I seem to go in spurts with H. Am now popping up with another question, as I do from time to time. I have been thinking for a while that the Lindy is perhaps the right bag for me. I need something roomy that can be slung over the shoulder, but don't care for messenger style. I have also been noticing how much I love Rosy in many of the pictures. There's a pre-loved 30 cm Rosy Swift Lindy available right now for a good price.

    However, I haven't ever tried the Lindy on in person, or actually seen Rosy IRL. :blush: So it seems a bit foolish to buy it, but realistically, I'm not going to get up to the H boutique for weeks, if then, so I'm hoping for advice on whether I should go for it with this one or not.

    My concerns: 1) Not sure that the 30 is the right size for me (5'6", size 8). Think I may want the 34. I felt like the 35 Birkin was too big for me, but that may have been because mine was box and was so very structured. My everyday bag is a BV Roma, and the 34 seems very close to the dimensions of the Roma. 2) Getting nervous about Rosy. Have seen pictures where it looks almost like a neutral rose with a bit of a tan cast to it. But then have seen some where it's got a very warm, coral sort of tone to it. Most of the pictures are on Swift, so it's not the leather that's making the difference.

    I've spent literally hours today pouring over the reference threads, as well as Ode to the Lindy and some of the others, and I'm still getting no further in deciding. I think the size question is really what's holding me back... Any advice?
  2. I say yes 100% on the lindy, BUT, while it CAN be slung over the shoulder as I sometimes do when my arms are full of groceries or something, I don't know that I would want to wear it that way all the time. I sling it towards my back when I do as it doesn't fit comfortably between the arm and torso. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lindy though for arm carry. And it's easy in/out and because of the shape things don't shift so I keep it zipped and reach through and feel for what I need.

    Mine, however, is clemence and I don't know that I would like it as well in swift. I've seen them and they are really pretty in swift, but just not for me. I also can't do the pastel colors. Rosy is a pale color and washes me out completely.

    But for the lindy, YES YES YES!

    I am 5'1" and the 30 is the perfect size for me. It holds everything I need and still keeps the fortune cookie shape if you arrange things properly. The 34 looks HUGE on me. I have a friend who is quite a bit taller and she looks amazing with the 34 cm. though. I like the 35 cm birkin and the 37 cm bolide, but the 34 lindy was just too big. I think it's the bulk of it. It's just a bulkier bag in general.

    Good luck!
  3. I tried on a 34cm, and at 5'5", I felt it was just too big.
    I also saw Rosy in swift, and although I LOVE pink, Rosy looked like a horrible fleshy, fakey, color.
    It reminded me of the flesh color crayon, from the 60's. It was not my cup of tea; but some people must like it.
  4. i've not seen rosy irl but on pics, some show up absolutely lovely, a reddish pink, or pinky rose while other pics echo dottym's thoughts, like the color of pink raw flesh. you'll really have to see it irl. this is one color i'd rather see in person than chance it.
  5. I think you will not go wrong with the lindy.... it is a fabulous bag which is so easy to use and very chic. I think size 30cm should be fine if you are not someone who needs to carry a lot of things. If you tend to stuff your bag full, then maybe a 34cm might be better. For your height, I think the 30cm should fall nicely at your hip so it should be just perfect! =) As for the colour, rosy is lovely irl. It's like a sweet apricot pink (definitely a little orangey). Personally, I think a rosy lindy is VERY PRETTY... and in swift, it looks so dressy and elegant. However, I know this colour is not for everyone so I would think it would be better if you could actually see the colour irl to be 100% sure. Hope this is helpful advice! Let us know what you decide!!!
  6. I think rosy is one of those colors you should see in person because it's either love or hate. Many people here love it, but others, not so much.

    The lindy is great and the 30 should be fine, but again, it's a personal choice kind of thing. Can you try on a 30 before you decide?
  7. I am 5"5.5' and the 30 lindy is perfect size for me - not too big nor too small. The 30 is actually very spacious.
    As for the rosy - I would also say try and get to see the colour IRL first. I find it is a pretty neutral colour IMO.
  8. i think the lindy is very practical very roomy but i do think you have to go for the larger lindy so that the actual shoulder use is more comfortable i am personally a hand bag person it actually took time for me to move from the kelly to the birkin but see this is the beauty of the lindy it has both uses hand bag and shoulder bag so i do think that by what you asked this is the bag for you but make sure it is the larger model.
  9. I thought I wanted a Lindy, but it is a VERY bulky bag and looked very awkward when worn on my shoulder. It truly is a bag one absolutely must try before buying. It either works or it really does NOT work at all. I think it looks best (if worn on the shoulder), on someone who is long waisted and very slender through the midriff...I am neither. I wear size 6 pants but a 12 on top and it made me look really top-heavy. I'm 5'4".
  10. I love the 30 Lindy. Rosy, not so much.
  11. well it happens but if this is the case consider the massai as it is a bag that can be worn on the shoulder with the short strap and across the body with the long one it comes with both and by your body description i think it would fit fine as it is sturdy roomy but has a slender slim look when worn besides the price tag is as divine as the bag check it out !!!!!!
  12. ITA with India except I am 5'2". I think the 30 lindy is large enough - the larger one (please note this is JMO for myself) looks like a gym bag or carry on luggage. I do feel that the 35 birkin is too big on me - I am happiest with 32 HAC or 30 birkin or 28 kelly sellier, and I am a size 6-8 american; 38-40 French; 42 Italian - no not super slim.

    I love swift. If you love rosy, and know you want a lindy, then go for it. :smile:
  13. I myself love the Lindy. When I saw it in person I immediately loved it. I have the 30cm in rose dragee swift. I get so many compliments. It is a great bag to wear as you get the option to wear it as a shoulder bag or handheld. I do agree with the others on this thread as you need to be happy with the color as that defines the look of the bag. I think the rosy color looks different in different light so it can be hard to determine the exact shade. HTH!
  14. I love and have both the 30 and 34 lindy. For reference, I'm 5'3" if I stand really straight. I was on the fence about this bag when I first saw it, but gave it a try and loved it so much that I bought a second one. It is very user friendly with it's outside pockets, and both hand held and shoulder options. I usually carry mine on the crook of my arm, but like the option of slinging it on my shoulder and pushed back if I need both hands free. I like the way it folds in toward itself into that fortune cookie shape, and that is why I originally bought the 34 because I didn't want to overstuff it and lose that shape. The 30 hold quite a bit too, but I think it can be a bit more versatile as in "spending a day with the kids then take out their junk and have dinner with DH". I say "yes" to the lindy, but you'll have to see the color IRL.
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