Enable me....

  1. I've decided I 'need' a Reissue (1-800 told me they are sold out at boutiques) and have not begun the hunt in department stores...which I've read in other threads that they may also be sold out...

    But in doing this- lots of items must leave me- some of my beloved LV's and a few Balenciagas.

    Is it worth it? I love my stuff but my heart drools over the Metallic Reissues. Should I wait until the Spring? When does the Spring line come out? With price increases should I just get one now and then in the meantime save to get one in the spring?

    Please post what you think- btw- I want a 226/227....and saw one on eBay for 4K- is that way overly priced?
  2. hehehee dont sell all your things yet.... b/c i can't buy them now!!! lol
  3. lol- um- when I saw the Metallic Jumbo Reissue price I was like-huuuh?:weird:

    and then I thought-"M! OF COURSE IT'S WORTH IT! :noggin: it's YOU!
  4. Reissues are great....I would just wait for the Spring / Summer 08 Collection and all the beautiful reissues yet to arrive...certainly you will find something you love in the new collection.
  5. 4k for a metallic reissue jumbo? no way! most of the time, reissues on eb*y are pretty overpriced. try MP or start calling the departmental stores now! i think there might be a few lurking around, you just need a good SA who is dedicated to helping you do a thorough search!!! all the best! ;)
  6. at retail, the metallic black 228 was $3,150 + tax. I think $4k is a bit high for a current season bag but if it's your holy grail (HG) bag, go for it!
  7. Muriel,

    Hehe! We totally have the same taste! I'm thinking about getting a re-issue too (not that I don't still love my B-bags). Did you know that S/S will have lots of colors in metallic reissues out, including purple? :nuts:

    I think lookbooks for S/S come out at the end of the year. But who knows, they might come out earlier (that is my hope)...

    I am waiting for the new season before deciding. Let hope against hope that there will not be any more price increases, eh girlie?

    Maybe I can, like, save Karl L from a falling flowerpot or something, and he will be so grateful that he'll grant me one wish? :p
  8. :roflmfao::nuts:

  9. I'll be the one dropping the flowerpot :graucho::graucho::graucho:- then we'll both win.

    Yeah- after doing my homework this weekend on reissues I've realized whollly smokes! 4k is absolutely too much! But y'all have seen the one from Taiwan on eBay - the one for 3900- it's a 228... still makes me wanna get it- but it's black! and if I'm gonna get a bag that expensive I certainly don't want another human being trying it on before me!
  10. Are the prices for reissues going up too?
  11. That's what I keep asking- anybody know the answer to this question?

  12. LOL. I've read SO many different things. Who knows??

    I hope they don't go up. I'd like to collect a few more colors down the road....
  13. I don't think I could get one just yet. I would have to wait and see the colors coming out!!! But I'm curious like that. If you have your mind set on a certain color that's out then go go go for it
  14. Ugh--I feel your pain, Alaska!!! I adore re-issues too! I have one--a 2005, black, in the 226 size. I LOVE it so much, but I would love to have a larger one as well. I think re-issues are the most classic and beautiful bags ever made, so I'll enable you! :graucho:

    "My Personal Shoppers" has this one in metallic:

    I've been drooling over it, but I want the regular (non-metallic) leather.
  15. ^-- yep- saw that one.

    Thank you snowwhite- and thank you my Reissue angel who gave me a BIG heads up on that 227 reissue in CA. No funds at the moment- so I did a charge send for Thursday's Sak's event- I'm beyond thrilled. I'm using my EGC for one of the two on my wishlist.