enable me!

  1. I have found a metallic orange mini that I would like to use on eBay at a great deal and had it authenticated here (thanks!) What do you all think of this being for my first bbag? I'd use it as an evening/going out bag. . it's kind of a random color but I think it's fun. . . opinions?? Thanks!
  2. go for it! sounds like you really like it and are already planning how you'll use it. enjoy!!!!
  3. What a fun color! I love orange!
  4. It's certainly fun and daring! I say go for it, because it probably won't be your last - Bals have a tendency of being addictive ;)
  5. Great Deal and Authentic - Go For It!
  6. I agree with everyone, go for it! It's a fun color & it would be such a cute going out bag! :wlae:
  7. my first b bag is a red metallic mini twiggy, and i was ecstatic when i received it.
    i used it a lot until i get i get another b bags in bigger styles that i use more.
    i carry a lot and i mean a lot than ordinary person so yes, it's too small for me.

    but it's a fun bag and have served me well for over a year until i sold it LOL
  8. wow quick responses - thanks! it ends tomorrow so i'll let you know if i win!!
  9. Go for it! Bbags in my opinion should be a bit edgy and that one rocks.

    Consider yourself officially enabled. :supacool:
  10. go for it, but only for a going out bag. i had a mini classique and never used it because i am lame and don't go out. but if you do, i am sure you will get much use out of it.
  11. I wuld encourage you to go ahead to bid the item...i saw that bag too...it's nice and can be used for dining/entertainments if you think it's worthwhile to get it and can fully utilized it.....for me, i won't have a chance to use it for such functions....:dothewave:
  12. Go for it you will use it!!
    Sounds cute!!
  13. Sounds cute I say go for it a great start to a collection as well!!! lol
  14. This is the season for the color!
  15. So, what are you waiting for? :nuts: ;)