Enable me to get a Pandora

  1. I've seen and touched it at Barneys. It's really nice. Givenchy does really good embossing.
  2. Thank you all for your prompt response. You've all been really kind and helpful.

    Would you prefer this leather over the wrinkly sheepskin - in terms of smooshiness, longevity and ease of use/care?

    I intend to use it as a workhorse/travel bag so I don't really want to baby it too much, ykwim

    Thanks heaps! ;)
  3. I'd still go with the pepe/wrinkly sheepskin based on your requirements...but the croc embossed is just such an eye catching pattern. tough decision!
  4. I love my Pandora - it is super functional. In particular I love the little zip pouch on the outside for quick access to keys and cell phone. I'm 5-4 and 125 pounds and the medium is perfect. If you pull the trigger, I'd love to see picts!
  5. I have the sage pepe and it's taken a beating and still looks great! I've spilled coffee on it more times than a care to admit, and as long as I gave it a quick wipe with water, it dried fine.

    One thing I have noticed is color change...after walking around in the sun for several hours, the sage has gone noticably more khaki-ish. I posted pics in the Pandora thread. But I like it and am now just carrying the bag backwards to try to even it out a bit.

    All that said, the black pepe is gorgeous and would be uber-practical!
  6. This particular pandora is gorgeous. I love the embossed croc. I'm 5'6" and I have a large bright blue in goat skin I love the large size and the leather is exquisite. I've always been biased to big bags, so that is why I got the large. I would recommend the croc. Either way good luck with your purchase :smile:
  7. Okay, so now (I think) I am leaning towards pepe panda... But since I have not seen a small one, I'm not sure if I should consider that size too before plunging onto the medium size...

    So yet another question, will an iPad fit comfortably in a small Panda?

    Thanks heaps! ;)
  8. I think have to go with the Medium Panda if u wanna fit an iPad in.. It fits great with space for other stuff

  9. Just ordered myself a medium online ;) Can hardly wait!!! Thank you all for helping me!
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a medium pandora in black or dark grey. I live in Toronto and have contacted Holts but they don't have either color in stock. Anyone know where I could purchase the bag in Toronto? Thanks a lot!