Enable me to get a Pandora

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    Hi peeps! Ok looking at your georgy pics made me want to have a panda. All of my bags are either so prim and proper or too girly-girl iykwim. So getting this is just gonna blow my image away :p Anyway, I like the look and I thought it's a perfect travelling companion.

    I am a short 5'4" asian chick but I'm guessing medium is ok?
    Also I'm going for goat leather - don't want to baby it too much if it's going with all of my travelling shenanigans.

    So my real question is - which color to get..? Black, Brown/Camel, Red or Sage? There is no nearby store so I'll be ordering online..

  2. I would definitely get the medium. The large is HUGE! Lol. I would not get black if you were trying to be different. Maybe go for sage or red!
  3. In pictures that I've seen, the red goatskin looks AMAZING!
  4. I also LOVE the army green. I would sell my soul to Sarah Palin to get it! Lol
  5. Go black or sage! I have the dark green goat skin and it's taken a continous beating over the past 7 months... only a few rubs to show for it. I'm 5'7" and the medium is perfect for me.... you can probably get away with the medium too, or possibly the small(not the mini).
  6. I say go for the sage, it's a beautiful and not so common color on the panda. you and your bag deserve to stand out!
  7. Thank you all! Now which leather will be softer and slouch more - goat or sheep? Ta
  8. Medium for sure, and I'm partial to black wrinkled pepe leather (it's my favorite back). But they're all amazing picks so you really can't go wrong
  9. pepe is the best and though I am allergic to black...its one of those colors that work in pepe leather. Black, dark brown or red
  10. pepe sheep
  11. ^ ^ ^ Agree, the pepe leather will camouflage wear and tear the best. (But the other leathers will perform well, too).

    I have the black pepe version (medium size also) and although it's definitely black, the texture of the leather provides another dimension so it doesn't look like your basic black bag. Although they are very common, I like black bags because if they do get scratched or otherwise damage, it's generally very easy to do a home repair when you don't have to worry as much about color matching.

    Does the pepe leather come in sage? I think that would be an amazing combination - different but very neutral.
  12. I do believe sage was available in sage. A member posted pics of hers iirc.
  13. Has anyone seen this coco print irl? It's calfskin but I am not sure if it's stiff and may not slouch? Please :help:
  14. I think mx1 bought this bag and shared a pic with us on one of the threads.
  15. I touched one at Barney's the other week. It's very slouchy and feels like nubuck. I was surprised at how soft and slouchy it was...a good thing.