Enable me! Sexbomb or a bucket style bag?


Jul 9, 2009
I want to try some more Tano! I've tried the LRC in Ruby and a MiniLisa but sold both (liked the size/shape of the LRC but not the color and wasn't crazy about the style of the MiniLisa). I think I'd like to try a bucket style bag (I've heard some many good things about the Boogie) but am afraid that the lack of exterior pockets might drive me crazy, as I like to keep my cell and keys in an easy to reach place.

I have to toddlers that I usually have out with me, meaning a need to take along a few dipes/wipes, as well as two sippies and snacks, but I've been getting back into using purses more for our normal outtings and just throwing their stuff into my purse. I'm a bit hesitant to carry leather with the sippy cups though (I only carry water in them and they rarely leak, but sometimes sweat in the summer). If I don't need the sippies or can leave them in the car, then I'm OK with leather, and I kinda feel that Tano leather doesn't need to be babied as much as my other leather bags.

So, do I try something new with a bucket style bag? Or go with the Sexbomb since I like the style and plenty of pockets to keep me organized? And I'm on a budget, so will most likely be buying used from Ebay, Bonanzle, or another mama. I'd love to try out a blue color for summer, like Pool or Blueberry, but those seem to be harder to find for a great deal. Brown and black seem more common and I don't need another black bag, but could maybe do a darker brown bag, maybe Truffle or Espresso? Or should I hold out for a blue?


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Jun 26, 2009
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Why not hold out for blue?

I'd say go for the Boogie; such a 'tough' bag, but I understand the exterior pocket thing. :thinking: Really dig into the Tano website, b/c Tano loves to make bags that are exact copies, but for one small difference; like different leather, or say, exterior pockets where there were none before. ;) I'll let some of the more seasoned Tanoites direct you...


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Feb 26, 2008
Name Check might be a good one for you... they have it in blueberry at TOB and it's a bucket bag with outside pockets! http://www.thatsourbag.com/browse.cfm/4,4761.html

Moving on up was the boogie with outside pockets but they only have it in green apple... you may try looking around though!

(if you need to take the sippie cups...) I would say with everything you need to carry that it will be more comfortable in a boogie than the sexbomb... if you put all that in the sexbomb and then put it over your shoulder it would stick out under your armpit a lot and be uncomfortable but it seems like that would be an awful lot to carry in a satchel on your elbow/in hand.
I generally carry at least one sippy with me and I prefer "taller" bags for this reason. My boogie is perfect for this. I can carry a JJB Bequick with the dipes/wipes, my checkbook size wallet, a small cosmetics pouch, another JJB beset with odds and ends or snacks, and a safe sippy and sometimes my older son's Sigg. I like the way it all fits in the boogie without looking stuffed and without the worry of the cup falling over. Though it is protected in a bottle holder....I too have been interested in the sexbomb/LRC but from carrying an e/w bag that I have for myself I realized that it wouldn't work as a mommy/toddler bag for me =( for the same reasons TK mentioned.....


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Feb 23, 2008
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I vote for Bucket type of bag. When my nieces were sippy-cup aged (which was only a few years ago) I'd tote all their crap around with me in my boogie bucket on days they were with me. The sex bomb is a nice-sized bag but you need the deepness of a bucket bag to tote all your sippy cups, juice boxes, snacks, wipes and little toys that they want. For extra protection, you can look into a purse organizer that will fit into the bottom of your bag and will keep atleast the stuff in the bottom organized (I like purse to go).


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Mar 15, 2009
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Boogies are AWESOMENESS on a strap!!

And while pool does not come up for sale...blue hawaiian may...and there is Oasis which is gorgeous...and lagoon...really you cannot go wrong with Tano colors!


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Mar 4, 2010
My boogie doubles as a diaper bag for me now since my girls are a little older & don't require quite as much stuff. I have a purse to go organizer in the bottom with my stuff and I use Ju-ju-be Quicks and Sets to organize the girls' diapers/wipes/changing pad & other random things we carry. A deeper bag works best for us & my Sex Bomb is just my bag :smile:


Aug 6, 2006
I have had both and for diaper bag use I prefer the boogie; the sexbomb is a great bag but just didn't fit the extra kid stuff that I needed as well as the boogie does. If blue is what you REALLY want I would hold out for that :smile:


Nov 10, 2009
Well, since I own and love them both, I defer to the expert moms and Aunties in the crowd and say that Boogie sounds like the better bag to meet your needs. Reading the reasons that our ladies have given, I'd have to agree.