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  1. Am I crazy??? I can't seem to stop wanting things, even though I felt satisfied for about a day a couple of days ago. Now I am trying to get the money together for a Mini Lin Speedy (ebene). Should I get it or wait for something else, like the Berkeley or something else for fall? My bf gives me a hard time about buying new bags (he doesn't finance them, though) so I should probably stop for a while, at least until my bday in July! Enable me so I don't feel so bad!
  2. You will love it!
    I'm in love with mine again and have been using for the last few days.:yahoo: Its a great bag for bad weather.. No naked leather to worry about it. Its light and holds the world.:smile:
    I say go for it. :yes:Its a bag that you can wear casual or dressy.Plus you can use it for all seasons.
  3. Love the Mini Lin in Ebene or Dune. This canvas has been underrated IMO. It's very durable and does not stain as easily as many believe plus it can be used year around. Go for it!
  4. I would wait for Berkeley- but that's because I WANT IT- I could imagine wanting Mini Lin- that line is very beautiful............wait for Berkeley to show up in boutiques and compare each one!

    ahhhhhhhh Berkeley-
  5. Love the Mini Lin! The price is decent too. I would get it. Don't we all have the same problem. We are always wanting more.
  6. if it's your money, you can do what you want with it. :yes:
  7. i love the mini lin, esp. in ebene. i say get it! :yes:
  8. I'm a fan of the mini lin speedy in ebene, too. I have the ebene mini lin noe and love that bag. The fabric is lush and so pretty.
  10. Wait for the Berkeley!
  11. Thanks for your input everyone! I am trying to wait till June 1st, when hopefully the Berkeley comes out and I can make another assessment! I want the Berkeley in Azur but I think it might look too much like the Speedy 30. Anyway, I hope that I can hold out till then!
  12. I say get the Mini Lin Speedy:heart::heart:

  13. I like that dog- I say admire the dog & hold out until the Berkley is out then.....BUY THEM BOTH & GET A CUTE DOG TOO!
    Hey wait, talk about an enabler.....:nuts:
  14. Get both!!!!!!!! Heehee :smile:
  15. Get Mini Lin Speedy but then you will want another and another. I think it's not the bag that you are after. It's something else :smile: