Enable me, please...Should I leave the office for an hour

  1. To check if the bag I want is still there? a member spotted it yesterday...and I'm rather obsessed with this bag...but the store won't tell me if it's still there, so might be a total waste of time...
  2. Yes, because you would be thinking about it so much, you would not be productive anyway. Get it overwith! GO!
  3. you are so right! have already wasted over an hour obsessing!
  4. are you back yet? details please...
  5. As that old Irish saying: "I have done the things I should not have done,
    I have left undone the things I should have done,
    and there is no good in me."
    Run and check already!!!:woohoo:
  6. Yes, go, quickly! You won't be productive at work if you don't go.
    (oops, I see Encore said the same thing...I didn't have time to read the other responses)
  7. go go go!
  8. Yes, Go, Go , Go!!!
  9. Surely you knew before you asked the question that we are all nothing if not enablers
  10. ^^ so true, LMAO!!! Now RUN, girl, RUN!!!
  11. RUN WOMAN, RUN!!!

    Did you get it? Was it there? We NEED to KNOW!!;)
  12. LOL! I agree with the others. I have lost so much time obsessing over things, I find it's best to get it over with.
  13. Not going would be a big mistake - because you will always wonder if it was still there. The bag will haunt you. Forever.

    If you go, and the bag is not there, you will have done what you could - you will have no regrets - you will know it was not meant to be.

  14. Ok, ladies....I went, and it was there!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. and now, poor DH has bought me 2 birkins in 4 months.