Enable me Please!! Dentelle Speedy + a Warning!!

  1. I recently purchased the speedy 25 that I LOve!! But since then I cant deny the dentelle has caught my eye..it just looks so gorgeous on some of you TpFer's!!!

    do you guys think this would be a waste for me to purchase? i feel like why would i need two speedy's plus when would i use my 25 then??? what do you guys do.. when you have multiple speedy's?

    also they other day I went to a new hair salon and the stylist was colouring my hair..she was slapping the colour on and it was flying every...it landed on the handle of my speedy!! I am so upset..i didnt say anything though..i know i should have...but i just figured it was ruined and there was nothing more to do than have the handle replaced someday, plus i was already just so stressed out......how much would a new handle cost? please be careful with your bags at the salon..i dont want this to happen to anyone else!! i'm not even going to bring my bag again..i mean it was very far away from where she was doing my hair and it still got splattered!!:crybaby:

    TIA for any advise:heart:
  2. have you tried wiping it down with baby wipes yet?? so sorry this happened to you!!
  3. I'm so sorry to hear that.. try to clean it with the Babywipe..:smile:

    About the Dentelle, if you really like it, you should buy it.. I own gold dentelle speedy, but rarely use it (so, it's kinds of wasting money for me...):sad:
  4. I've used the Magic Eraser on my handles before. It dries them out, so you must condition afterwards. It will take out stains. There's also threads on cleaning LV. I personally don't like the dentelle. My SA is the repairs manager and she told me that they eventually snag.
  5. I dont think it would be a waste at all! I have a bunch of different speedy bags and I love them all! Get it if you love it. Sorry to hear about your handles :cry:
  6. I've got 3 speedies so yeah I say go for it the Dentelle line is really hot and really not as fragile as everyone thinks go for it!
  7. I have the Gold one and :heart: LVOE :heart: it!

    The leather is treated, so it has a nice golden brown color already, no patina. :yes:

    Oooo.... I'm going to switch my Onatah out tonight for the Dentelle Speedy.
    I miss my girly girl.
  8. I have a silver Dentelle BH and love it. I was in the middle of a job interview and one of the men(!) stopped me to comment on the bag. He wanted to know if they were new because his wife would lvoe it. Besides, who among us didn't want to wear lace like Madonna back in the 80s? Now we can do it with sophistication.
  9. I say get the dentelle! Eventually when they sell it, people may be paying big bucks for them. I think if you like it, get it now before the price increase. I LOVE my dentelle soooo much, it has that special factor.
  10. OMG! That's terrible your bag got damaged at the salon :sad:.

    I'd like to carry my bags anywhere, and sometimes I just walk into a salon when I feel like having a haircut/style, and whatever bag I'm holding goes in with me. I'll always 'shamelessly' request that my bag be covered properly though that kinda draws mistaken impressions that I'm showing off my bag when I'm actually just being careful. I don't let it bother me, since it's human nature to judge/assume :shrugs:.

    As to how many speedys is enough, well, for me, just one :smile:.
    Question is, do you really love the Dentelle? If you do, I'd suggest you get it and if you change your mind about keeping both, you can sell either one if you're comfortable with reselling.

    By the way, the Dentelle is a size 30 speedy, hope you have a chance to make a comparison IRL before you decide :smile:
  11. Sorry about the hair salon. Next time if you're caught with your bag ask them for a clean towel to wrap your bag to avoid this kind of mishap.
    Multiple Speedies are acceptable!:flowers:
  12. i have 3 speedies and i love them all :smile:

    get the dentelle if you really love it.
  13. im sorry about your speedy handle, such a shame, i can understand how upset you would be. I remember reading a thread quite a while ago where someone had taken her cherry blossom papillon to the hair salon and something similar happened and her bag was pretty much ruined. Ill certainly keep it in mind in the future. If you cant minimise the stain and plan on changing the handles in the future prehaps you should do it sooner rather than later. Your handles will patina and if you change one handle it will be a different colour than the others.

    You should absolutely get the dentelle speedy if you love it! Many people on this forum have multiple speedies, some people have the size 25 and 30 mono. It is such a functional bag, and because of the different size allows for different use. The dentelle speedy is pretty different from the normal mono anyway, the dentelle certainly is beautiful. If you havnt seen IRL you should head down to your boutique, youll most likely love it even more, pictures really dont do it justice. I have the silver BH and adore it, the silver thread is so sparkley and pretty, and the tanned leather handles look so luxurious. Some people are worried about the delicateness, but the thread is strongly embroided in it. I got it the day it was released months ago and it is still perfect.
  14. aww thank you guys so much :heart: you really made me feel better about the whole situation; dentelle, salon mishap and all

    orodruin, that is such a good idea to ask to have it covered at the salon..i'm glad u suggested it bc i def dont want to leave my bag home....um,,,ever!!

    kitten, that is so true..it does have that special factor!! i think i'll use the dentelle for more special occasions and the 25 speedy for running about

    ur pups are all so adorable :heart:I'm on business trip now and its aweful..the only thing cheering me up is dreaming about which LV i'll buy when i get home & your posts :heart: Thanks for all your advise!!
  15. Oooo, sorry to hear about your speedy....

    The danetell, at first, I didnt like at all...but whenever I see someone carry it or see it in the store...its a head turner and turely a unique design, not to mention looks great carried....I definelty think that its worth it...but only if you feel for it strongly....