Enable Me (Palermo PM)

  1. I need some enabling and some info....

    Palermo PM....size...what can it hold? Modelling pics using shoulder strap? Price? Availability?

    Why should I get it?

    Can you fit straps over your shoulder when wearing a regular shirt? Do they slip off (like the Batignolles does)? Does it look dorky carrying it by shoulder strap?

    I really loved my Stephen bag...but lord it got heavy at the end of the day. How is this one?

    C'mon guys and gals...I need some convincing. It's either this or I throw the cash towards the Chanel Baby Cabas

    I need a tote bag....I contemplated Neverfull MM, but I've heard lots of people having problems with the cinching thing.

    I'm probably going to be using the funds for the sale of my last LV bag (MC speedy) to buy it :smile:
  2. Since I am in love with this bag, I can't help but try and enable - the pics that I've seen have convinced me that the palermo pm is my next bag -looks to hold almost as much as the BH, and those pleats....go for it Twiggers!!!
  3. Thanks Need!!!!! And congrats on the baby :smile: How exciting!!!

    No one else is out there to enable me??? So I should just go for the cabas?? LOLOL
  4. I LOVED the Stephen too and am happy these bags are out since its more of a purse than Stephen was. I LOVE the baby Cabas, tough choice, I think you should get the Palermo and have some $ leftover since the Chanel is so expensive. I am getting the Tivoli.
  5. Ohhhh you have a cabas too??? The cabas is probably twice as much...how much is the Palermo PM anyways?

    It is a tough choice....especially since hubby may have bought me a black bag for my birthday (Chanel or Balenciaga) ACK! A dilemma!
  6. I think I like the look of the baby cabas more...
  7. See below although my pics aren't showing due to the attachments issue that is currently happening on tPF.

    I had to return my Palermo PM because the zipper was very wavy and I didn't like how it zipped up. However, I'll buy the Palermo PM again when a new shipment arrives at my store.


    The straps attached to the Palermo PM are too smalll to carry on the shoulder. The detachable/adjustable strap is very nice to carry on the shoulder but not across the body.
  8. I PROMISE to post my palermo pics tomorrow for u..I havent even broke it in yet,...I got 4 bags in the last 2 days..heehee
  9. ~Twiggers--from looking at all the pics of the Palermo, I would definitely go for Palermo PM for the following reasons~newer style, pleats (a plus) and seems like lots of room! It just seems like more of an eye-catching with this one. Just hope that if you were to choose Palermo, you will not have the same zipper problems as Peace43.:sad:..but do let us know soon on what baby you're choosing:yes::yes::sweatdrop:

    ~Peace43--hopefully, you can exchange for another Palermo PM. Lots of luck on the next one;)
  10. Peace: OH no....that sucks that you have problems with it already! If I do go for it I will be sure to ask about that problem!!! I will go back to your thread later when the attachments are working.

    Jill: YAY!!!! I can't wait to see your modelling pics :smile:
  11. I need a tote bag too and I think about the Cabas Mezzo and the Saleya GM. I don't know, but I don't like the new bags like Palermo, Tivoli and so on. And the Neverfull I don't like because it has too much straps and the straps are so fine, like a bag for children!
    Me personally I like more the classic bags of LV. I think all the new bags are a litte "kitschy" and people will have enough about it after a short time. I'm waiting for a "great success" of LV a long time... :sad:
  12. I tried on the Palermo PM and it fits over my shoulder nicely with a regular shirt, but not a thick sweater. It fits a ton and I live out of my purses. You should definitely go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I love pleats on bags and the Palermo has the cutest pleats. I also like the messenger strap :smile:.
  14. Thanks everyone!!!! I thought for sure there would be more enablers LOL