Enable me, or not! Thoughts on the Loup

  1. So some of you know I'm trying to figure out between the Olav PM or MM but all of a sudden I'm drawn to the Loup in Terre. Which is weird since I never ever ever liked the Loup before. I never even considered the Loup until I saw a guy at my school sport one and I was just staring! What are your views of this bag? Is it too squishy? Or loud? I'm a guy and I would use it as a school bag..... just fyi! Which bag would look best at school, an Olav MM or Loup?

    I'll be making my purchase at the end of December so I have some time to think about it but I really listen to what everyone on here says!

  2. Would you happen to have a pic handy? I'm not sure what the Loup looks like?!
  3. Sure! Olav mm is first followed by the Loup
    olavmm.jpg loup.jpg
  4. i personally like the Loup better...
  5. I agree with Kimalee... I prefer the Loup! Very classy!
  6. Out of those two I'd get the Loup. :tup:
  7. I have always liked the Loup. It's been on my wish list for some time. Damier Geant is very understated and masculine. Perfect for a guy!
  8. I'd go for the loup !
  9. i like the loup as well ...
  10. I like the loup, too!!
  11. Loup! I like the shape better as well.
  12. i prefer the Olav MM. but for school, the Loup looks more suitable.
  13. Seeing the two together I have to say I like the Loup better!
  14. i think loup looks waay better.
  15. Loup Looks Amazing Irl! :tup: