Enable me ladies, please! Need a break from LV.

  1. Hello! I need help!

    I am ready to stray a bit, but am at a loss. I have a ton of LV, a few Hermes, a few Chanels...but think I am ready for another chanel, but I am at a total loss of what to even look at.

    I only have a few Chanels now; a Black Cambon reporter and white cambon reporter, which I have had for 3 or 4 years. My only recent purchase is a gold naked shopper, which I love, but do realize it is more of a fad, than here to stay.

    I usually like big bags. I usually don't like hobos, but the cabas' looks pretty cute...but heard it's faked a lot. I looked at a chocolate reporter at NM the othe day that I liked...but wasn''t thrilled at getting the same bag a third time

    Price isn't a huge issue, but would like to keep it around 2000 -2500...so I am your hands ladies, give me some suggestions (and pics, please if you have them).

    Many Thanks!
  2. Get a jumbo flap!! It's my next bag, hopefully.
  3. Maybe something classic such as the GST.:tup:
  4. ITA, I'm really into the classic bags at the moment. Modern Chain is also good, but a bit pricey, I think the expandable flap is also beautiful.
  5. There you are!!!! Come back to LV this instant!!!..lol..

    J/K....chanels are soooo pretty!!!!:okay:
  6. ok :shame: lv I know every possible acronym, not so with chanel...what is gst? lol

  7. Drats, caught so quickly! :p
  8. GST stands for Grand Shopping Tote.:wlae:
    I've included a picture of Pink*Petunia's beautiful GST.:nuts:
  9. ^^^Thanks
  10. Once u go CHANEL....You will NEVER go back...LMAO....

    I say go for a funky tote style from Chanel.One of my personal faves is the expandable flap tote.I have it in black and a peachy pink color.loVES!!!
  11. ooh what about a baby cabas tink? or i would say a classic jumbo flap. i went from lv to chanel and not going back. LOL
  12. Oh, I will go back, I know myself...everyone told me the same about Hermes, but even with a couple of birkins and a kelly, and a few chanels already (this wouldn't be my first) I still love my LV best (and my SAs)..but I do need a change, plus a have the shopping bug and there is nothing I want right now at LV....plus it's good to mix it up...I know you like to mix, too Jill ;)
  13. Well i had an awful experience with lv so that put the kibosh on me going back too. but i know what you mean.
  14. The dark brown Pocket in the City, large E/W Tote that I saw at Saks couple of days ago was.............TDF GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!-ENABLING BIG TIME - wish I could get it right now., it is awesome!!!
  15. I think maybe a jumbo flap.

    I just don't know...I wish NM had more of a selection to look at. Anyone from the bay area. How is the SF store, is it worth a trip from San Jose to look?