Enable me for a cosmetic case?

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  1. hi all!

    feels like i've been gone forever. sorry, been busy at work! since it's labor day, i've been reading through tpf almost the whole day lol. anyway, after seeing this thread
    it peaked my curiosity about LV cosmetic cases. i know it's something that's nice to have but since it sits inside a purse most of the day, do you gals think it's a must-have? i store my cosmetics in a cute little no-name pouch but never really felt the urge to drop $ on an LV. maybe you'd like to enable me? :p i haven't bought any new LV in a while...so do yo thang! post pics of your cases if you can :biggrin:

    :heart: Mich
  2. I'm a guy and a cosmetic case is a necessity for me.

    I've got my spare glasses (I wear contacts), a portable bottle of mist/spray on lotion for face, and sometimes a portable shaver. It's just for stuff that I might need when I'm outside all day (in office, on a trip, etc.). Gotta look good when I come out of the public bathrooms, u know what I mean?

    Mine isn't LV. Mine is Prada since most of the time, I have to put it on the counter and sometimes it's wet there. So I guess that's my reasoning for not using something leather. But Black looks better for a guy.
  3. thank you for sharing, hulksmash99 :smile: i'm sure you rock your prada case well.
  4. I have the Damier Cosmetique, Poche Toilette 15, and the mini T&B pochette. I think the Cosmetique is very useful as a cosmetic bag. The Poche Toilettes are nice as well and both Cosmetique/Toilettes have the washable lining in case of make-up spills. However, I use my Poche Toilette and mini pochette to hold my PDA or extra cc, business cards, coupons, etc. instead of using them for make-up.

    Go ahead and buy an LV cosmetic bag!!!! You've been enabled! :tup:
  5. This is something I've been thinking about getting, but I always put it on the back burner because I would rather put the money towards a bag. I did cave in and got the T & B mini pochette which I use as a mini cosmetic case.

    To enable you --- how about this --- Wouldn't you just love opening your LV purse up and glancing at your very own LV cosmetics case? It is so functional and classy at the same time. Go ahead and get it --- you're worth it!!!:graucho:
  6. hehe, i'm likin it...keep going :biggrin:

    i'll take it a step further...do you think it'd look odd to use a cosmetic case as a clutch like the way Princess Di did? which case would look better as one? or does it matter?
  7. Ok..... You so have to get a make up bag, or accessoires case! I use my pochette everyday and I LoVe it to death!

    ...did that help? LOL!
  8. Def. get one Mich!!! It's a necessity for every fashionista!

    I am planning on getting one soon too. I need one to keep my concealer, wrinkle decreaser creme thing, tweezers, cologne, and and [makeup] pads in.
  9. My bag is always full of smaller cases, I love them! It's great to have all my things together rather than having to wade through piles of junk in my bag to find something, it makes switching bags a breeze, and reduces the risk of something leaking out into my bag.

    I love too that although you can only carry one bag during a day, you can carry many smaller accessories within that bag, and so small goodies have quickly become my favourite LV items!

    Enough enabling? :graucho:
  10. woohooo! i lovve these replies :biggrin: thanks all. now...lets narrow it down...which case? poche toilette or cosmetique? i'm kind of leaning more towards the toilette...will it look ok as a clutch?

    how much more is it now than prior to the price hike?
  11. I use my pochette everyday inside my larger bag. I also use it when I just want a small clutch
  12. I'd go with the Toile as well...it'd look great as a clutch (remember the Princess Diana pic)! :yes:
  13. i use my mono wapity case & its perfect! wel i dont carry much cosmetics so if ure like me, go 4 the wapity case! supercute in a bag! ;)
  14. I used to use the little cerises pochette thing that came inside the cerises bucket, but now I'm using a red prada gaufre zip top pouch.
  15. i use either the wapity or the mini pochette - works great and oh so cute. i don't like the actual cosmetic cases that lv have, so these two are fine with me (: