Enable me - Coach Cotton Carly owners!

  1. i think i want the coach medium chocolate carly! was in love with it when i first laid eyes on it but since i felt like i had already spent a ton on bags, i would just let it go, but my friends (whom i showed the bag to and don't even like coach) all felt that it was one of the most gorgeous bag they have ever seen, so now, my heart is itching to get it again!

    for those who own this bag, tell me what you love or hate about it! does it hold up well against tear and wear/dirt etc? do you think it's a classic bag or very seasonal?

    and can someone tell me the REAL measurements of this bag please? TIA!
  2. OH GOSH its a total MUST HAVE to your collection! I just got mine yesterday and took it out today to run my errands, I got 4 compliments on it in just an hour and a half!! For being the medium size it fits all of my goodies plus my hubbys huge wallet:yes: I felt sooooo comfy on my shoulder.......no slipage at all. I say GO FOR IT!!! Im so glad I did:yahoo:
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  3. I think that I was one of the first on here to receive this bag so I have used mine a lot already. I must say this is my favorite bag! I have a beautiful khaki/white/brass legacy shoulder just sitting waiting for her turn! I spilled my soda over the side of this bag today at Olive Garden and quickly dabbed it up-no stain at all! I am going to try to buy the multifunction wallet next to match.:p
  4. eks! soda?!?! but i'm glad your bag was okies. i think i will definitely get it! i keep drooling over pics of it!
  5. does anyone know if this bag is selling out fast? or would it be available for the PCE in june?
  6. i think it will still be there in june.. seems like it would be a hot summer item
  7. If you'd like to know about availability, you can ask them to check how many items they have on hand and in the warehouse; that can give you an idea.

    I bet it will be around for awhile. If it's a popular bag, they'll want to sell a lot of them.

    Good luck. It's a beautiful bag. I thought about getting one, but I'm not trustworthy enough to own a bag with any white on it!:graucho: